Analysis: Why won't GOP Senate candidates say they support Mitch McConnell?

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(CNN)During an quality connected Fox News earlier this week, Dr. Mehmet Oz was asked a elemental question: If helium was elected to the US Senate from Pennsylvania and Republicans instrumentality the bulk this fall, would helium enactment Mitch McConnell for leader?

"I look guardant to being successful the United States Senate and [am] blessed to marque that determination for the adjacent person of the United States Senate ... it volition beryllium Republican," said Oz, not answering the question. Pressed for an answer, Oz refused to springiness one.

Which is interesting! Because Oz is acold from unsocial successful his unwillingness among Republican Senate aspirants to explicit fealty for McConnell if the GOP winds up winning power of the Senate successful the midterm elections.

    "When I decision Murkowski and go Alaska's adjacent U.S. senator, I volition not enactment Mitch McConnell arsenic leader. It's clip for new, America First enactment successful the Senate," Kelly Tshibaka, a Republican who is among the candidates taking connected GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski, said past year.

      Arizona Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters said successful a debate earlier this twelvemonth that McConnell is "not atrocious astatine everything. He's bully astatine judges. He's bully astatine blocking Democrats. You cognize what he's not bully at? Legislating."

      Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who is the GOP nominee for the state's unfastened Senate seat, said of McConnell this past summer: "Mitch McConnell hasn't endorsed maine and I don't endorse him for leadership."

      And Ohio GOP Senate nominee J.D. Vance has antecedently said McConnell is "a small retired of interaction with the base" and that determination is simply a request for "new blood" successful the ranks of Republican leadership.

        All of which raises an important question: If Republicans bash triumph the Senate majority, volition McConnell person the votes to beryllium elected to pb them?

        Which is, yes, a spot of putting the cart successful beforehand of the horse. At the moment, the combat for Senate power is wide regarded arsenic a toss-up, with Democrats seen arsenic having the borderline successful wealth and campaigner quality. And if the likes of Oz, Masters and Vance don't marque it to the Senate, past it doesn't overmuch substance whether they would person voted for McConnell arsenic person oregon not.

        But if these candidates bash upwind up winning, past they volition beryllium forced to face their past statements successful regards to McConnell.

        And, of course, there's Donald Trump. The erstwhile President has made nary concealed of his dislike of McConnell and has openly campaigned for immoderate different Republican to instrumentality him connected arsenic leader. But truthful far, determination person been nary takers.

        Florida Sen. Rick Scott, who runs the Senate GOP run committee, has repeatedly butted heads with McConnell -- archetypal implicit his determination to merchandise a argumentation program outlining what Republicans would bash if they won the bulk and, much recently, implicit McConnell's comments that "candidate quality" are hindering the party's chances.

        In an op-ed published successful the Washington Examiner past week, Scott seemed to beryllium speaking straight to McConnell.

        "Unfortunately, galore of the precise radical liable for losing the Senate past rhythm are present trying to halt america from winning the bulk this clip by trash-talking our Republican candidates," wrote Scott. "It's an astonishing enactment of cowardice, and ultimately, it's treasonous to the blimpish cause."

        My beardown consciousness is that for each of the speech astir their differences with McConnell, the likes of Oz, Masters and Vance would find a mode to ballot for him arsenic bulk person if they were confronted with the accidental successful aboriginal 2023. Why? For 2 main reasons:

        1) A just magnitude of what they were (and are) doing is governmental posturing. Trump doesn't similar McConnell. So, particularly during their primaries, these candidates had to support the MAGA assemblage blessed -- and wavering connected enactment for McConnell was a mode to bash that. Now that they are enactment nominees, you are already seeing immoderate slinking backmost to McConnell.

          2) It's not wide they would person immoderate different options. Scott seems acold much focused connected moving for president than helium does connected moving for person of the Senate Republicans. And the different Senate Republicans who person a constituency successful the league -- like, say, John Thune of South Dakota -- are not going to situation McConnell.

          So, successful the end, this is each apt conscionable governmental posturing. But McConnell, ever the deliberate and cautious governmental tactician, is apt not taking immoderate chances.

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