Andy Taylor, former Duran Duran guitarist, has stage four prostate cancer

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Andy Taylor performs with Duran Duran successful  Glasgow, Scotland connected  April 15, 2004.

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Andy Taylor, guitarist with British New Romantic radical Duran Duran astatine the tallness of their fame, is battling signifier 4 prostate cancer.

The set made the announcement connected Saturday arsenic they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremonial astatine the Microsoft Theater successful Los Angeles.

Taylor, who did not articulation his erstwhile bandmates John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes astatine the Class of 2022 celebrations owed to ongoing treatment, wrote a letter to people the occasion.

In the note, parts of which were work retired by frontman Le Bon, Taylor disclosed that helium had received his diagnosis 4 years agone and spoke of his delight astatine being inducted into the hallway of fame.

Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran

“There’s thing that comes adjacent to specified recognition. You tin imagination astir what happened to america but to acquisition it, connected one’s ain terms, arsenic mates, was beyond incredible,” Taylor wrote successful the connection relayed by Le Bon.

Touching connected his wellness issues, the 61-year-old Taylor added: “Many families person experienced the dilatory pain of this illness and of course, we are nary different; truthful I talk from the position of a household antheral but with profound humility to the band, the top fans a radical could person and this exceptional accolade.”

Taylor joined Duran Duran successful April 1980 and near successful 1986 to prosecute a solo career. He past rejoined successful 2001 for a drawstring of palmy concerts and their 2004 medium “Astronaut” earlier quitting again successful 2006.

Taylor said helium was “massively disappointed” to miss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show, which was acceptable to beryllium his archetypal clip performing with the radical successful 16 years, and that helium had “bought a caller guitar” for the occasion.

“I’m truthful precise arrogant of these 4 brothers, I’m amazed astatine their durability, and I’m overjoyed astatine accepting this award,” Taylor said. “I often doubted the time would come. I’m definite arsenic hellhole gladsome I’m astir to spot the day.”

In the missive aboriginal shared successful afloat connected the band’s website, Taylor said his information was incurable, but that helium was receiving “sophisticated life-extending treatment” that had allowed him to “just stone on” until caller times erstwhile helium suffered a “setback.”

“Although my existent information is not instantly life-threatening determination is nary cure,” helium said.

According to the American Cancer Society, astir 1 successful 8 men volition beryllium diagnosed with prostate crab during his lifetime.

Reacting to Taylor’s wellness update connected Saturday, Le Bon said: “It is devastating quality to cognize and find retired that a colleague… Not a colleague, a mate, a friend, 1 of our household is not going to beryllium astir for precise long. It’s perfectly devastating. We emotion Andy dearly and you know, I’m not going to basal present and cry. I don’t deliberation that would beryllium precise due but that’s what I consciousness like.”

Duran Duran formed successful 1978 and topped the US singles charts successful the 1980s with their hits “The Reflex” and “A View to a Kill.”

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