Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of 'waging a vindictive war' in new countersuit over winery

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An aerial presumption    of Chateau Miraval, a vineyard property  presently  astatine  the halfway  of a ineligible  conflict  betwixt  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s conflict implicit their winery continues.

In February, Pitt sued Jolie implicit what his assertion called the “unlawful” merchantability of her involvement successful Château Miraval, a state property and winery successful the southbound of France acquired by the mates successful 2008.

In a countersuit filed this week, obtained by CNN, Jolie accused her ex-husband Brad Pitt of “waging a vindictive warfare against her” and “hijacking” power of the lucrative winery concern they erstwhile shared.

Pitt and Jolie were joined connected the spot successful 2014 and would, according to Pitt’s suit, walk the holidays determination arsenic a family.

Jolie filed for divorcement from Pitt successful September 2016 pursuing a heated brushwood aboard a private pitchy investigated by the FBI.

After she did so, Jolie’s suit, filed connected behalf of her erstwhile institution Nouvel LLC, alleges, Pitt “and his allies” took “illegal and malicious actions” with the volition to “injure” Jolie and Nouvel, “by devaluing its investments and depriving it of its due relation successful the absorption of Chateau Miraval, the world-famous shaper of rosé wine.”

Jolie is seeking astatine slightest $250 cardinal successful compensatory damages.

CNN has reached retired to representatives for Pitt and Jolie for comment.

The countersuit states Pitt “masterminded a so-far-successful program to prehend power of Chateau Miraval” and mishandled trademark registrations that had “devastating fiscal consequences” for Nouvel.

“Pitt has frozen Nouvel retired of Chateau Miraval and treats it arsenic his idiosyncratic fiefdom,” the suit says.

It besides says Pitt, “embarked connected a multi-faceted, years-long run to prehend power of Chateau Miraval and due the company’s assets for his payment and that of his ain companies and friends.”

In his claim, Pitt had alleged that Jolie “did thing to thrust (the) growth” of the business, which helium turned into a “multimillion dollar planetary occurrence story.”

Jolie’s countersuit disputes this, saying “Pitt refused to assistance Jolie oregon Nouvel adjacent entree to Chateau Miraval’s records oregon an adjacent dependable implicit management,” efficaciously “holding the astir important portion of her nett worthy hostage.”

Jolie stepped distant from the concern successful October 2021, selling Nouvel and its involvement successful Miraval, to Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of Stoli Group, controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler.

Pitt’s suit alleges the merchantability was unlawful due to the fact that helium and Jolie had agreed erstwhile they purchased Château Miraval that neither would merchantability without the other’s consent. But Jolie’s countersuit alleges she made the merchantability aft negotiations betwixt Jolie and Pitt that would person sold Nouvel to Pitt fell isolated implicit “a proviso designed to prohibit Jolie from publically speaking astir the events that had led to the breakdown of their marriage.”

“Pitt knew that overmuch of Jolie’s wealthiness and liquidity were tied up successful Nouvel and utilized that information to effort to unit Jolie to hold to his unreasonable terms,” her countersuit says.

Pitt’s suit did not specify an magnitude sought for damages but included a petition for “relief that the Court deems conscionable and proper.”

A dissolution of Pitt and Jolie’s matrimony was granted successful 2019, but their ineligible conflict implicit spot and custody of their insignificant children has continued.

A California appeals tribunal ruled past year that a retired justice who had been hired by some parties to arbitrate the custody quality should beryllium disqualified due to the fact that of undisclosed ties to Pitt’s attorneys.

In 2020, Jolie told Vogue India she divided with Pitt for the involvement of her children.

Pitt told GQ successful 2017 helium had discontinue drinking aft having been “boozing” excessively overmuch that past year.

In a June 2022 interrogation with British GQ, helium talked astir uncovering bid recently.

“I ever felt precise unsocial successful my life,” helium told the publication, “alone increasing up arsenic a kid, unsocial adjacent retired here, and it’s truly not till precocious that I person had a greater clasp of my friends and family.”

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