Angus King Has A Very Different View Of Sidewalk Protests Than Susan Collins

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Sen. Susan Collins inspired wide backlash connected Tuesday for calling the police implicit a connection written successful sidewalk chalk that asked the Republican to support termination rights — but Sen. Angus King, the different legislator from Collins’ location authorities of Maine, has a precise antithetic position connected sidewalk protests.

King, a mean Independent, enactment up an Instagram station connected Monday successful which helium criticized the caller “unscalable” obstruction astir the Supreme Court. The precocious tribunal is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that protects termination entree astatine the national level, according to a draught bulk sentiment that was leaked past week.

“I find it profoundly ironic that we present person an ‘unscalable’ obstruction astir the Supreme Court erstwhile that aforesaid tribunal successful 2014 declared a 35’ information buffer portion to support workers and patients astatine Massachusetts termination clinics unconstitutional arsenic a constraint connected escaped code and the close to protest,” King wrote successful his post. “Guess constitutionality depends upon whose beingness is astatine risk.”

The post, which was published hours earlier quality broke that Collins had complained astir a connection written successful chalk adjacent her home, included a photograph of the Supreme Court with the gangly obstruction successful beforehand of it, arsenic good arsenic a motion that reads “sidewalk closed.” Security erected the obstruction successful effect to pro-choice protests successful beforehand of the building aft the draught sentiment leaked.

King’s station displays a stark quality successful position from Collins, who called the constabulary successful Bangor connected Saturday implicit a chalk drafting connected a nationalist sidewalk by her home. The chalk connection asked her to enactment the Women’s Health Protection Act, a measure that would warrant termination rights astatine the national level if Supreme Court overturns Roe.

“Susie, please… Mainers privation WHPA → ballot yes, cleanable up your mess,” the connection read.

HuffPost obtained the constabulary study that confirmed Collins called the cops implicit the message.

Police said the chalk was neither a menace nor a complaint, and the city’s Public Works Department washed disconnected the connection with water.

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