Animal shelter asks for help finding 3 stolen dogs

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Midwest Animal ResQ successful Raytown, Missouri, is asking the nationalist for assistance uncovering three dogs that were stolen from their structure Saturday morning.

Two suspects, caught connected surveillance video, broke into the gathering Sept. 3 and took 3 American Bullies.

“You can’t assistance but consciousness similar it’s my work successful immoderate mode due to the fact that you cognize they are nether my care. I’m the steward of these animals,” said Erin Morse, founding manager of the shelter. “Makes maine upset conscionable reasoning astir it.”

Morse is acrophobic for the dogs’ information arsenic 2 of them precocious had country and request follow-up care. Surveillance footage shows the surgical cones were taken disconnected the dogs.

“These dogs request aesculapian attraction if they rip their stitches open,” Morse said. “It makes maine acrophobic astir their payment and well-being, it makes maine acrophobic astir retaliation for our staff, acrophobic that it tin hap again. You cognize the brazenness of it is conscionable astounding to me.”

There are nary leads frankincense far, but the Raytown Police Department is helping the structure place suspects. Morse says determination were 3 radical who were highly funny successful these peculiar dogs starring up to the incident.

And determination is crushed to judge a achromatic Hummer whitethorn person been involved.


Erin Morse

"The radical who had travel successful days anterior requesting accusation astir the animals were driving that vehicle. And the folks that broke successful were driving that same, akin vehicle," Morse said. "I conscionable anticipation that they bash the close things.”

To assistance repair the harm of the break-in, donations person started to determination successful from the community. Off-duty officers came to assistance repair the shelter's fence, but the doorway and doorway framework volition outgo the structure thousands to reconcile.

“We’ve been blown away. We conscionable had idiosyncratic locomotion successful with a $20 measure to assistance toward this cause, and each small spot helps,” Morse said.

Anyone who wishes to marque a donation tin caput to the shelter’s website.

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