Apartment ceiling collapses on woman

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A Kansas City, Missouri, pistillate is fortunate to person escaped superior wounded erstwhile the ceiling supra her came crashing down.

It happened astatine Parade Park Homes adjacent 18th & Vine.

“I conscionable heard this sound, similar a rumble,” said Ageelah Gant.

That dependable was a catastrophe seconds distant from happening. Then it did. In the transportation acheronian astatine 3 a.m. connected Friday morning, Ageelah woke up buried beneath a mound of debris.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I was shocked. Like, what is going on?”

More like, “What went down?” It was her full ceiling.

Shocked, frightened and discombobulated, she managed to find her phone.

“I got my Mom connected the telephone and I was like, ‘Emergency! Emergency! Come quick! Come quick!” Ageelah said.

Luckily, she escaped with insignificant injuries. However, Ageelah said it could person been worse.

“I person sickle compartment anemia and I conscionable had hep country connected my near hep successful November,” said Ageelah.

She added it didn’t person to hap successful the archetypal place.

“For similar months, months and months,” Ageelah said. “It’s leaking successful 2 antithetic spots successful my room.”

Calls to flat absorption seemed to autumn connected deaf ears.

“I had been telling them astir it and telling them astir it and telling them astir it,” said Ageelah. “‘Oh OK, we’re going to enactment a tarp connected it.’ ‘OK, we’re going to bash this, we’re going to bash that.’”

No tarp, nary patches and nary fixes. Ageelah said each tempest became a trial of her faith.

“Every clip it rains, I’m conscionable like, ‘Please Lord, delight Lord, fto it beryllium a airy rain. Just a small bit, conscionable a small bit,” Ageelah said.

The leaks went connected and, much recently, Ageelah noticed thing new.

“There was a line, like, successful my ceiling,” she said. “So, erstwhile I got backmost upstairs past night, the enactment was highly long. So, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.’”

Now the enactment is simply a giant, gaping hole.

“I had nary hint it would bash this,” she said. “I had nary clue. It could person been and should person been prevented. Nobody should person to unrecorded similar this. Nobody should ever person to woody with this oregon spell done this. Nobody.”

Ageelah and her household are present searching for an attorney.

She said she knows different tenants person had problems. KCTV5 cameras spotted a extortion with a bluish tarp crossed from Ageelah’s unit.

KCTV5 contacted Parade Park Homes absorption and we were told, “No comment.”

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