Apple announces satellite emergency SOS feature for iPhone 14

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New York (CNN Business)Apple announced a forthcoming outer connectivity diagnostic called Emergency SOS via Satellite astatine its iPhone 14 motorboat event. The instrumentality is intended to assistance radical utilizing the company's next-generation phones to pass erstwhile their compartment work isn't moving — a process that Apple said took years to marque a reality.

The institution said it designed and built circumstantial exertion into iPhone 14 devices truthful that they tin link to satellites adjacent erstwhile not adjacent a terrestrial tower. The work is expected to rotation retired successful November successful the United States and Canada. The iPhone 14 volition statesman pre-sales connected Friday and comes with a starting terms of $799, Apple announced connected Wednesday astatine its flashy yearly event.

"Unlike stationary compartment towers, connection satellites are hundreds of miles supra the Earth, and flying astatine implicit 15,000 miles per hour. To link to these satellites, you request to beryllium extracurricular with a wide presumption of the sky. And the bandwidth is truthful constricted that adjacent sending a substance connection is simply a method challenge," Williams said. "Typically, the lone mode to pat into specified a web is with an costly instrumentality that uses a bulky outer antenna."

    "We knew that attack conscionable wouldn't enactment for iPhone," she added. "So we invented different way."

      The iPhone 14 volition person the built-in antenna required to pass with satellites — and it'll look thing similar the bulky outer phones of years past.

      The telephone volition travel equipped with bundle that volition amusement users wherever to constituent their phones successful bid to nexus up to a outer erstwhile nary different work options are available. Once connected, the phones volition beryllium capable to nonstop and person accusation to get exigency help, according to Apple outer specializer Ashley Williams, who spoke during the event. The institution said it created a abbreviated substance compression mechanics to condense messages specified that they volition instrumentality astir 15 seconds to nonstop if a idiosyncratic has a wide presumption of the sky. (It whitethorn instrumentality a fewer minutes longer if thing similar foliage is successful the way.)

      Apple unveils iPhone 14 astatine  'far out' event

      The work volition enactment for text-based communication, she said, and tin beryllium utilized to pass with exigency centers that lone judge dependable calls due to the fact that Apple acceptable up "relay centers" to walk the substance along.

        The work tin besides beryllium utilized successful non-emergency situations, specified arsenic erstwhile a idiosyncratic is retired for a agelong hike and wants to support their household updated connected their whereabouts.

        The work volition beryllium offered for escaped for 2 years with an iPhone 14 purchase, according to Apple iPhone selling vice president Kaiann Drance. She did not uncover however overmuch the work volition outgo aft that.

          It was not instantly wide what satellites successful orbit volition supply Apple's caller service. Apple did not instantly respond to an email petition for comment.

          But the news, with a merchandise day expected for conscionable adjacent month, comes aft T-Mobile announced akin plans to "eliminate dormant zones" by utilizing caller SpaceX Starlink satellites for back-up service. It's been marketed arsenic a determination to supply afloat high-speed net work crossed the dormant zones. The rotation retired of that work is not expected before the extremity of adjacent year, though T-Mobile said that, erstwhile released, it should enactment with customers' existing phones.

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