Apple iOS 16 is now available for download

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The iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island.

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Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Steve Jobs attends a property   league  successful  cardinal  London, 18 September 2007. Apple announced present  Tuesday that Britain would beryllium  the archetypal  European state  to get   its much-vaunted iPhone, erstwhile   mobile telephone  relation   O2 launches the gadget connected  November 9. Apple main  Steve Jobs told a London property   league  that O2, owned by Spain's Telefonica, has won an exclusive declaration  to administer  the iPhone successful  Britain for "cultural," alternatively   than economic, reasons. He said the iPhone would retail successful  Britain astatine  269 pounds (387 euros, 536 dollars). AFP PHOTO/SHAUN CURRY (Photo recognition  should work   SHAUN CURRY/AFP via Getty Images)

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The iPhone turns 15 today. See CNN's study connected its debut successful 2007

The Apple store   astatine  Cumberland Mall successful  Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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The archetypal Apple Store voted to unionize. One idiosyncratic has a connection for her colleagues.

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Apple's CEO responds to evolving workplace dynamics

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See the caller features coming to iPhones

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In 2005, an iPod was sold each 2 seconds. See however CNN covered the phenomenon

Steve Jobs 1985 Vault

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Watch sum from 1985 aft Steve Jobs mislaid his spot of powerfulness astatine Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook showcases the caller   iPhone SE featuring 5G and the A15 Bionic spot   during a peculiar   lawsuit   astatine  Apple Park. 
(Photo by Brooks Kraft/Apple Inc.)

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Apple says the caller   update focuses connected  features astir   users' eyes to unlock an iPhone with FaceID.

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Apple's Face ID volition soon enactment erstwhile you're wearing a mask. We enactment it to the test

  A visitant  tries retired  an Apple iPhone 7 connected  the archetypal  time  of income  of the caller   telephone  astatine  the Berlin Apple store   connected  September 16, 2016 successful  Berlin, Germany. The caller   telephone  comes successful  2  sizes, 1  with a 4.7 inch display, the different   with a 5.5 inch display.   (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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Apple becomes world's archetypal $3 trillion company

New MacBook Pro.

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Apple is bringing backmost immoderate aged MacBook Pro features

Tim Cook and the caller   iPhone 13.

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The caller   Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple unveils the Watch Series 7

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Apple's caller information features spark statement connected privateness and safety

CNN Business  — 

Apple connected Monday released its next-generation mobile software, iOS 16, with caller features that let users to personalize their iPhone fastener screens and change however they substance friends done iMessage.

Among the astir anticipated changes is the quality to edit and unsend precocious sent iMessages, oregon people the messages as unread if users privation to revisit them later. Recipients volition person an alert that the archetypal connection was edited oregon deleted, and it lone works if some parties are moving iOS 16. Apple antecedently said this was among the astir requested features among users.

But possibly the biggest alteration is the interactive fastener screen. It present features customized fonts, caller photograph effects, personalized wallpapers and widgets that adhd accusation astatine a glance. Widgets see calendar events, artillery life, alarms, Apple Watch Activity rings and the weather, arsenic good arsenic the quality to way “live” activities, specified arsenic an Uber ride’s progress, updates connected a sports crippled oregon nutrient deliveries. (Android introduced an interactive fastener surface past year).

There are besides options to make aggregate fastener screens with antithetic backdrops that tin beryllium switched passim the day. Users tin browse wallpapers with suggested images from a user’s photograph library, and notifications volition present look astatine the bottommost of the surface truthful they’re not successful the way.

The updated bundle works with immoderate iPhone exemplary dating backmost to the iPhone 8, released successful 2017. Apple antecedently teased the features successful June astatine its yearly developer’s conference.

Last week, Apple (AAPL) unveiled its caller iPhone 14 lineup, among different devices. For customers not convinced to commercialized successful their aged iPhones for a comparatively incremental upgrade — particularly amid fears of a looming recession — downloading iOS 16 could respire caller beingness into their smartphones.

With the caller updates, users volition besides beryllium capable to share browser Tabs with groups and find more filters for its Focus app — specified arsenic not silencing preferred apps and messages from definite people. Apple is besides offering the enactment to use the Fitness app for question monitoring without an Apple Watch for the archetypal time.

And the astir amusive diagnostic of each whitethorn beryllium the quality to chopped retired the taxable from an representation oregon its background, and driblet it elsewhere, specified arsenic into iMessage.

To download the caller software, sojourn the Software Update conception successful Settings. However, the archetypal mentation of next-generation mobile bundle updates tin often incorporate bugs; users whitethorn privation to backmost up important photos oregon files earlier downloading oregon clasp disconnected until the 2nd mentation rolls out, apt successful the upcoming weeks.

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