Apple's latest products and features take aim at our greatest fears

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(CNN)If you lone tuned into the opening of Apple's iPhone lawsuit this week, you mightiness person wondered whether you were watching an exigency archetypal responder grooming session.

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked disconnected the yearly lawsuit connected Wednesday with a three-minute video depicting however the Apple Watch has saved lives by calling for help. One antheral described however helium was skating connected a frozen stream erstwhile the crystal gave out. Another survived a level clang successful a distant country successful the mediate of winter. And a precocious schoolhouse pupil escaped a carnivore encounter.

In different example, a 27-year aged precocious schoolhouse teacher who went to the exigency country aft her Apple Watch detected an abnormally precocious bosom rate. According to the teacher, "My doc said, 'It was your ticker that saved your life."

    Apple unveils caller   iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods

    Apple has agelong presented its products arsenic tools for creativity, productivity and a positive, if aspirational, manner filled with friends and family, steadfast habits and outdoor activities. Some of that was inactive connected show astatine this year's event, but determination was a caller messaging, too. The institution positioned galore of its products and features arsenic information nets successful a shaky world.

      Apple announced caller car-crash detection exertion connected some the Apple Watch and iPhone which it says tin find the "precise infinitesimal of impact" utilizing the device's barometer, GPS and microphone. "We genuinely anticipation you ne'er request it, but consciousness a small spot safer each clip you get into a car," said Ron Huang, Apple's vice president of sensing and connectivity, during the announcement.

      it besides unveiled a groundbreaking Emergency SOS instrumentality for iPhones that relies connected satellites if, for example, you're mislaid successful the wilderness and cellular work isn't working. And it introduced a caller somesthesia monitoring instrumentality connected the Apple Watch that tin beryllium utilized to way illnesses, astatine a clip erstwhile galore whitethorn inactive beryllium wrestling with pandemic wellness anxieties.

      While arguably a continuation of Apple's absorption connected wellness features, peculiarly with its smartwatches, the accent connected these fearful usage cases nevertheless raised immoderate eyebrows among manufacture watchers. "It was a small astonishing to spot Apple scope for the alarmist attack and presumption their devices arsenic imaginable beingness savers," said Ramon Llamas, probe manager astatine marketplace probe steadfast IDC.

        In caller years, Apple has promised customers that its products tin assistance create a safer integer environment for them -- 1 with stronger privateness protections and family-friendly content. Now it's transportation appears to have expanded to keeping radical harmless successful the existent world.

        "These exigency features are similar the information bags successful your car: you aren't going to request them each the time, but you're grateful erstwhile you do," Llamas said.

        The displacement successful code comes arsenic Apple confronts a caller economical scenery that could marque it harder to person customers to wage three- and four-figure amounts to upgrade their devices -- particularly erstwhile immoderate of those products are not substantially antithetic from the anterior year.

        The institution introduced comparatively insignificant updates to its devices crossed the committee connected Wednesday. The iPhone lineup, for example, offered updates to the camera systems, a caller interactive fastener surface and connected the Pro models, overmuch faster performance. Meanwhile, the caller high-end Apple Watch Ultra is targeted toward utmost sports enthusiasts; portion a marketplace for rugged watches exists, not everyone needs tracking for heavy water diving oregon triathlons.

          "Refinement implicit gyration isn't a atrocious happening but if purses are tightening with the system past these announcements are a harder merchantability without thing groundbreaking," said Eric Abbruzzese, a probe manager astatine marketplace steadfast ABI Research.

          The accent connected wellness and information could besides assistance Apple bolster its subscription services business, Abbruzzese said, which has been 1 of its fastest-growing gross lines successful caller years. As helium points out, the outer connectivity is "only escaped for 2 years." (Apple has not specified however overmuch it costs aft that.) Moreover, "advanced wellness tools look similar conscionable different mode to merchantability Fitness+ much strongly."

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