Apple's New Watch Series 8 Is a Little OnStar for Your Wrist

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It's the 'I've fallen and I can't get up' for your driving life, capable to observe you've had an incidental successful the car and interaction exigency services.

apple ticker  bid    8 2022
  • Apple introduced its latest Watch this week, the Series 8, and there's thing determination for drivers who don't person a built-in automatic exigency work successful their vehicle.
  • The caller Watch uses a caller accelerometer and gyroscope, on with different data, to observe a crash, and it tin past automatically archer exigency responders that you've had an incidental and wherever you are.
  • USAA has a akin diagnostic successful its SafePilot app, which has been softly identifying crashes since being introduced past November.

Today's connected cars are already experts astatine contacting exigency services erstwhile a clang happens. But present you tin get a akin work successful an older conveyance oregon 1 that simply doesn't person that tech onboard—as agelong arsenic you are wearing the caller Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple's caller Watch debuted this week and, amid a slew of wellness updates, it introduced a caller diagnostic called Crash Detection. Crash detection is akin to Fall Detection, which Apple Watches person had since Series 4, which tin archer if you’ve fallen and automatically interaction exigency services if you request help.

The caller Apple Watch uses a high-g-force accelerometer that tin observe up to 256 g's of impact. The Watch combines the information from this caller accelerometer with accusation from a three-axis gyroscope, the microphone, a barometer, and GPS data. The information gets crunched by an algorithm that was trained by observing much than a cardinal hours of real-world driving and clang data, Apple said, to fig retired if you’ve been successful a "severe crash."

Since the ticker is connected to the cellular web connected its ain oregon done your iPhone, it tin besides interaction exigency services and archer them wherever you are, if you're successful an country with cellular coverage. Any exigency contacts successful your telephone tin besides beryllium contacted.

Insurer USAA Adds Crash Detection

A akin automatic clang detection work was announced past period for the USAA security company's SafePilot app. Sensors successful a telephone are antithetic from those successful a smartwatch, and USAA said that its app requires the operator to verify that a clang has so happened. The car insurer said successful a connection that letting an app automatically observe a clang tin simplify and expedite the claims process, and you tin adjacent record a assertion connected the spot, "via a streamlined process." USAA said it softly launched clang detection successful the SafePilot app successful November 2021 and the app has already made much than 36,000 clang notifications since that time.

"The accepted assertion process tin beryllium highly manual and involves a bid of questions and answers to decently analyse the claim," Luke Harris, USAA's vice president of innovation, told Digital Insurance. “The availability of telematics information provides insights into accidents that tin assistance trim the fig of questions and clip progressive successful investigating the event, which allows our claims squad to absorption their clip connected addressing our members’ circumstantial needs and streamlining the process of getting them backmost connected the road.”

Another automatic clang detection enactment comes

from Verizon, which offers the work connected its Smart Family app for parents to beryllium alerted to imaginable accidents for children who are caller drivers.

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