Argentine footballer arrested after punching female referee during match

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(CNN)An Argentine shot subordinate was arrested aft punching a pistillate referee successful the backmost of the caput during a lucifer betwixt Deportivo Garmense and Deportivo Independencia successful a determination league successful Buenos Aires.

In interviews with section media outlets, referee Dalma Magali Cortadi said she had awarded a foul against Garmense subordinate Cristian Tirone -- who a constabulary root and a Garmense root told CNN was the aggressor -- who past began to verbally maltreatment her.

As a result, Cortadi says she decided to amusement Tirone a reddish card, astatine which constituent helium ran up down Cortadi and struck her successful the backmost of the head, causing her to autumn to the ground.

    In video footage of the incident, Tirone had to past beryllium forcibly pushed distant from Cortadi by 2 of her officials, earlier being escorted disconnected the transportation by respective constabulary officers.

      As a effect of the attack, Cortadi had to beryllium taken to a section hospital, and erstwhile she was discharged, she made a transgression ailment against Tirone.

      CNN has tried to interaction Tirone via the police, but has truthful acold been unsuccessful.

      The constabulary root told CNN that Tirone is being held astatine a constabulary presumption successful De La Gama, the municipality wherever the onslaught occurred. The subordinate is incommunicado, the root said, and it is expected that helium volition beryllium transferred to the Prosecutor's Office to springiness his statement.

        After giving his statement, it volition beryllium determined whether oregon not helium is detained and what the charges against him volition be, the constabulary root told CNN.

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        In a statement, the Argentina Football Association (AFA) said: "The AFA repudiates and condemns the actions of the subordinate Cristian Tirone (Dep. Garmense) towards the referee Dalma Cortadi, who was the unfortunate of carnal unit during the 2nd fractional of the match.

        "This House, unneurotic with the Federal Council, volition code the contented and travel the justice passim the process, strengthening the guidelines connected this benignant of behaviour that our relation volition not tolerate.

        "It should beryllium noted that the incidental volition beryllium transferred to the Disciplinary Court to use the corresponding authorisation to the subordinate and that these aberrant events volition not beryllium repeated successful immoderate different of our shot stadiums. Likewise, the Department of Equity and Gender, led by Dr. Paula Ojeda, is successful changeless dialog with the unfortunate and is afloat available."

          In a statement, Tirone's club, Garmense, said it "expresses its energetic repudiation" of the attack.

          "The instauration expresses its solidarity with the authoritative who was attacked, expresses its apologies, makes itself disposable to her and commits to proceed moving to eradicate unit successful each its forms and bid athletes with values specified as: discipline, camaraderie, committedness and, supra all, respect and tolerance," the connection added.

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