Ari Fleischer Accused Of Bowing To Saudi LIV Golf Employer After Halting 9/11 Tweets

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Ari Fleischer has drawn suspicion for announcing the extremity of his near-annual recounting of the 9/11 attacks aft being hired by the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour. Fleischer, a erstwhile White House property caput for President George W. Bush and a Fox News contributor, connected Monday dismissed the accusations arsenic “foolish conspiracy theory.”

On the Saturday earlier the 21st day of the violent onslaught that killed thousands, Fleischer tweeted: “I person decided that my communicative has been told and I volition not unrecorded tweet what took spot connected 9/11 again. ... It’s clip to fto it rest. There is thing caller to accidental oregon reveal. Thank you for speechmaking and for caring astir our nation’s history. ”

“Cannot get implicit Ari Fleischer getting a PR occupation with the Saudis and past announcing that really his 9/11 play-by-play tweets person tally their course,” The Hill newsman Zack Budryk responded.

The Saudi authorities has denied being progressive successful carrying retired the 9/11 attacks. Last year, the FBI unsealed a document that elaborate contacts a fewer of the hijackers (many of whom were Saudi citizens) had with Saudi officials, but it did not supply impervious that elder officials were complicit.

Fleischer, who spent overmuch of the fateful time successful 2001 with Bush, had his gripping accounts reported by HuffPost arsenic well.

His PR steadfast Fleischer Communications signed connected arsenic a communications consultant for the upstart LIV circuit successful June.

“As I explained successful my tweets, my question docket this twelvemonth and the information that aft 21 years determination is thing caller to accidental oregon reveal, led maine to the determination I made,” helium said successful a connection to HuffPost. “Any different crushed being speculated is simply a foolish conspiracy theory.”

But galore questioned the timing.

Cannot get implicit Ari Fleischer getting a PR occupation with the Saudis and past announcing that really his 9/11 play-by-play tweets person tally their course

— Zack Budryk (@BudrykZack) September 11, 2022

Ari Fleischer was the superior spokesperson for 9/11 arsenic the White House property caput to erstwhile President George W. Bush.

TODAY, he’s the LIV Golf Invitational Series communications consultant.

He’s decided to STOP penning astir 9/11.


— Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (@SWinstonWolkoff) September 12, 2022

Ari Fleischer was despicable erstwhile I covered him successful the Bush White House and helium is despicable now, too. Now moving for the Saudis (like Kushner), helium told reporters astatine the Saudi LIV play tourney helium MC'd that his erstwhile comments astir the Saudis were "a agelong clip ago." So...

— Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) September 12, 2022

Ari Fleischer giving up his dreadful 9/11 tweeting contented due to the fact that helium present works for the Saudis is conscionable beyond perfect. It’s similar if Neil deGrasse Tyson got hired by Pope Urban VIII successful the 17th period and started tweeting worldly similar “Actually geocentrism has its merits.”

— Jason Goldman (@goldman) September 12, 2022
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