Arizona Cardinals remove 'independent study' clause from star QB Kyler Murray contract as he calls questions about work ethic 'disrespectful'

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(CNN)The Arizona Cardinals announced connected Thursday that they person removed the "independent study" clause from prima backmost Kyler Murray's declaration aft helium called questions astir his enactment ethic "disrespectful."

Earlier this week, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that successful Murray's caller five-year, $230.5 cardinal contract, the Cardinals had included a clause requiring Murray to "complete astatine slightest 4 (4) hours of autarkic study" during crippled weeks.

The clause stated that Murray volition not person recognition for the autarkic survey if helium "is not personally studying oregon watching the worldly portion it is being displayed oregon played" oregon if the subordinate is progressive successful activities that could distract his attention, specified arsenic television, video games oregon browsing the internet.

    After signifier connected Thursday, Murray held an unannounced property conference, opening with a monologue defending however he's go 1 of the amended quarterbacks successful the league.

      "I consciousness it's necessary, you know, with what's going connected regarding maine and the things that are being said astir me," the 24-year-old told reporters. "To deliberation that I tin execute everything that I person accomplished successful my vocation and not beryllium a pupil of the crippled and not person that passionateness and not instrumentality this superior is disrespectful, and it's astir a joke.

      "To me, I'm flattered. I privation to accidental flattered that you each deliberation that astatine my size, I tin spell retired determination and not hole for the game, and not instrumentality it serious. It's disrespectful, I consciousness like, to my peers, to each the large athletes and large players that are successful this league. This crippled is excessively hard. To play the presumption that I play successful this league, it's excessively hard."

      Murray, however, would not reply questions arsenic to whether the clause had bothered him.

        Later successful the day, Rapoport, who cited sources, reported that the clause had been removed connected Wednesday. Hours later, the Cardinals released a connection announcing the removal of that requirement.

        The connection from the team, which CNN obtained, said: "After seeing the distraction it created, we removed the addendum from the contract. It was intelligibly perceived successful ways that were ne'er intended. Our assurance successful Kyler Murray is arsenic precocious arsenic it's ever been and thing demonstrates our content successful his quality to pb this squad much than the committedness reflected successful this contract."

        Murray -- who is simply a keen gamer -- was keen to accent that helium would not person reached wherever helium has if his off-field enactment was beneath the level required.

        "I've enactment successful an incomprehensible magnitude of time, blood, sweat, tears and enactment into what I do, whether it's shot oregon baseball," Murray said.

        Murray scrambles against the Rams.

        "People can't comprehend the magnitude of clip that it takes to bash 2 sports astatine a precocious level successful college. Let unsocial beryllium the archetypal idiosyncratic to bash it ever astatine my size, similar I said, it's funny, but to those of you retired determination that judge I would beryllium lasting present contiguous successful beforehand of y'all without having a enactment ethic and without preparing, I'm honored that you deliberation that. But it doesn't exist. It's not possible, truthful that's each I person connected that."

        Murray is entering his 4th play successful the NFL successful 2022. He's been voted to the Pro Bowl successful the past 2 seasons, and was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year successful 2019.

          He has developed into 1 of the astir dynamic quarterbacks successful the league arsenic helium is simply a menace with some his limb and his legs. In his 3 seasons successful the NFL, he's thrown for 11,480 yards and 70 touchdowns, arsenic good arsenic moving for 1,786 yards and 20 touchdowns.

          However, contempt his idiosyncratic success, the Cardinals person lone reached the playoffs erstwhile successful his 3 years astatine the helm, exiting meekly past play to the eventual Super Bowl champions the Los Angeles Rams.

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