Arizona Senate president who spearheaded sham 'audit' won't seek reelection

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(CNN)Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, who was instrumental successful arranging the state's sham predetermination "audit," announced Monday evening that she won't question reelection and volition discontinue from the authorities legislature successful January 2023.

"It has been a privilege to advocator connected behalf of Arizona citizens successful my 12 years astatine the State Legislature and the grant of a beingness to service arsenic Senate President," Fann said successful a statement. "I look guardant to a palmy league successful 2022 advancing policies that payment each Arizonans, and past enjoying the beingness my hubby and I person built for ourselves successful status with our family."

Fann had spearheaded the partisan reappraisal of 2.1 cardinal ballots formed successful Maricopa County failed to beryllium fraud successful the Arizona 2020 election. The reappraisal was conducted by the Florida-based institution Cyber Ninjas, which had nary acquisition auditing predetermination results and is led by a antheral who has repeated chaotic conspiracy theories astir predetermination fraud.

    The institution and its volunteers and subcontractors did not travel modular auditing procedures, and observers from Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs' bureau repeatedly noted instances successful which those conducting the reappraisal broke their ain rules.

      Despite this, Fann repeatedly defended the audit, telling CNN successful May, "I don't cognize what's legit, what isn't legit. But wherefore wouldn't we privation to reply those questions?"

      While the reappraisal reaffirmed President Joe Biden's victory, erstwhile President Donald Trump and the Arizona GOP officials who backed it ignored that decision and the highly problematic quality of the reappraisal itself -- alternatively touting different issues raised successful the report, adjacent though they were rapidly rebutted by predetermination experts and region officials.

      CNN's Eric Bradner and Anna-Maja Rappard contributed to this report.

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