Armie Hammer Accuser Calls Out Elizabeth Chambers For Supporting Ex’s ‘Healing’

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A pistillate who accused Armie Hammer of intersexual battle is present speaking retired against the actor’s estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, pursuing an interrogation successful which Chambers said she supported her husband’s efforts to prioritize his “healing.”

Speaking to E! News, Chambers confirmed that she has moved connected to a “committed relationship” with wellness therapist Ricardas Kazinec, though her divorcement from Hammer has not yet been finalized. Still, she emphasized that she and the “Social Network” histrion are “in a large place” and “talk each the time” arsenic they larn to co-parent their 2 children.

“Kids request their mom; kids request their dad,” Chambers said. “So there’s thing we won’t do.” She went connected to enactment that Hammer “has been focused connected his healing” and that she’s “here to enactment that process.”

On Wednesday, however, Hammer’s accuser ― identified lone arsenic Effie ― shared a bid of screenshots to her “House of Effie” Instagram relationship that look to amusement messages sent by Chambers encouraging her to spell nationalist with her battle allegations against Hammer.

“He’s genuinely a psychopath,” 1 of the messages reads. “And he’s ne'er been with kids each day. Ever.”

In a abstracted message, Chambers allegedly tells Effie that she needed Hammer to “leave” the Cayman Islands, wherever the actor’s household relocated arsenic the allegations against him continued to mount.

“I forced him to travel present via tribunal bid to effort and beryllium a begetter and present he’s a hazard to them,” the connection reads. “He needs to go. Had a fewer days with them, but past drunk/high/violent.”

According to People, Effie concluded her bid of Instagram stories ― galore of which tin beryllium recovered here ― with a enactment that read: “Just immoderate things to support successful caput earlier anyone other keeps wishing rapists ‘healing.’”

In an email connection to HuffPost, a typical for Chambers dismissed the accusation that Chambers had urged Effie to travel forward.

“Given the grade and quality of allegations that were made, Elizabeth sought to find the veracity of those allegations. She was precise delicate to each parties involved,” the connection read. “The information and good being of their children remains her priority.”

Hammer’s nonrecreational beingness was thrown successful a tailspin past twelvemonth erstwhile “House of Effie” posted screenshots of messages that appeared to person been sent from the actor’s relationship that included references to convulsive intersexual acts and cannibalism.

Though Hammer denied the claims, the contention that ensued prompted him to retreat from a fig of high-profile projects, similar the Jennifer Lopez drama “Shotgun Wedding” and the Broadway accumulation of “The Minutes.”

About 2 months aft the messages were posted, Effie came forward astatine a quality league organized by her erstwhile attorney, Gloria Allred. She accused Hammer of having raped her successful 2017, and said that the 2 were successful a four-year narration that ended sometime successful 2020.

Shortly afterward, Hammer checked himself into a attraction installation to code issues related to drugs, intoxicant and sex. He has maintained a debased illustration for astir of 2022, and successful July was reportedly seen moving astatine a edifice hotel successful the Cayman Islands.

The accusations leveled against Hammer by Effie and different women are examined in-depth successful a Discovery+ docuseries, “House of Hammer,” released past month.

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