As Musk focuses on Twitter, his $56 billion Tesla pay goes to trial

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WILMINGTON, Del. (Reuters) - As Elon Musk is engulfed successful his overhaul of Twitter, the entrepreneur is headed to proceedings to support his grounds $56 cardinal Tesla Inc wage bundle against claims it unjustly enriches him without requiring his full-time beingness astatine the carmaker.

FILE PHOTO: SpaceX Chief Engineer Elon Musk gestures during a associated quality league with T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert astatine the SpaceX Starbase, successful Brownsville, Texas, U.S., August 25, 2022. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

A Tesla shareholder is seeking to rescind Musk’s 2018 wage deal, claiming the committee acceptable casual show targets and that Musk created the bundle to money his imagination of colonizing Mars.

Tesla has countered that the bundle delivered an bonzer 10-fold summation successful worth to shareholders.

The proceedings begins Nov. 14 and volition beryllium decided by Kathaleen McCormick connected Delaware’s Court of Chancery. She oversaw Twitter’s suit against Musk that ended past period erstwhile helium agreed to adjacent his $44-billion woody for Twitter, an acquisition which helium financed mostly with his Tesla stock.

“If Musk loses this wage bundle successful immoderate monolithic way, I deliberation we tin expect to spot a batch of things that are going to beryllium truly hard to predict, similar what happens going guardant successful presumption of however Tesla is tally and however Twitter is paid for,” said Ann Lipton, a prof astatine Tulane Law School.

However, Lipton and different ineligible experts said the suit by Tesla shareholder Richard Tornetta is going to beryllium overmuch much hard than Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk.

Musk founded and is CEO of SpaceX, 1 of the world’s astir invaluable backstage companies, and founded oregon co-founded Neuralink, which makes encephalon implants, tunneling task The Boring Co, and OpenAI, an artificial quality probe lab. Last week, helium appointed himself Twitter CEO.


Tornetta’s lawyers reason the 2018 bundle failed its stated intent of focusing Musk connected Tesla. They represent Musk arsenic a “part-time CEO,” citing his grounds that successful 2018 helium worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday astatine the electrical carmaker and Monday and Thursday astatine rocket institution SpaceX, according to his deposition.

According to the lawsuit, Tesla’s committee seat Robyn Denholm said the “minimal time” Musk was astatine Tesla was “becoming much and much problematic” successful a 2018 email to Gabrielle Toledano, who astatine the clip was the Tesla Chief People Officer.

The institution has argued the bundle was not astir requiring Musk to punch a timepiece and beryllium connected tract circumstantial hours each week, but to deed “audacious” targets, enriching Musk but besides shareholders similar Tornetta.

The disputed wage bundle allows Musk to bargain 1% of Tesla’s banal astatine a heavy discount each clip escalating show and fiscal targets are met; different Musk gets nothing. Tesla has deed 11 of the 12 targets arsenic its worth ballooned to $650 cardinal from $50 cardinal connected the backmost of ramped up Model 3 production, according to tribunal papers.

Musk’s vested grants are worthy astir $50 billion, according to Amit Batish astatine Equilar, an enforcement wage probe firm. The grants lend to his $200-billion fortune, the world’s largest.

Musk’s bundle of banal grants is larger than the combined wage of the 200 highest-paid CEOs past twelvemonth - six times over, according to Batish.

The proceedings is apt to absorption connected Tornetta’s claims the bundle was developed and approved by directors beholden to Musk and promoted to shareholders without revealing the archetypal tranches were probable of being met based connected interior projections.


Tornetta’s filings are afloat of examples of a committee controlled by Musk.

For example, Antonio Gracias, described by the plaintiff arsenic a adjacent person of Musk and who was pb autarkic manager from 2010-19, testified successful his 2021 deposition that Musk could merchantability Tesla if helium wanted and the committee could not halt him.

“Who worked for who? Does Elon Musk enactment for the committee oregon does the committee enactment for Elon Musk,” said Minor Myers, a prof astatine UConn School of Law.

Myers said if the wage bundle is rescinded, the committee could simply make a caller 1 and bash truthful with McCormick’s ruling to usher them.

But circumstances person changed, complicating the process.

“He present owns Twitter. How bash they privation to origin that in?” said Myers, who added that it volition beryllium a situation to find however to support Musk from being distracted by different ventures.

“How overmuch wealth bash they request to enactment successful beforehand of this feline to get his attention,” helium said.

Reporting by Tom Hals successful Wilmington, Delaware; further reporting by Hyun Joo Jin successful San Francisco; Editing by Noeleen Walder and Nick Zieminski


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