Ashley Graham Reveals Why She Did Her First Nude Billboard Just 4 Months Postpartum

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Ashley Graham says she has “gratitude” for her caller assemblage aft giving commencement to twins successful January.

So overmuch so, that the supermodel is bearing it each successful her first-ever nude billboard for Spanx.

“I don’t deliberation I’ve ever been bare connected a billboard before,” she told People Tuesday. “I’m trying to retrieve — I’ve been modeling for truthful agelong — but I don’t deliberation I’ve ever been naked.”

Even though Graham was wholly successful the buff erstwhile she changeable the advertisement conscionable 3 and a fractional months postpartum, parts of her assemblage are covered by Spanx’s Silver Linings fabric. The institution is utilizing the worldly to marque all-white pants and shorts that it claims connection “100% opacity” nary substance however acheronian one’s underwear.

Graham told People that deciding to bash her first-ever nude billboard truthful soon aft giving commencement wasn’t easy.

“My assemblage has changed truthful much,” she told the magazine. “I person overmuch much gratitude toward my assemblage due to the fact that of however overmuch enactment it’s been through, but it has decidedly taken clip to, you know, look astatine my caller body, and my postpartum body, and admit it again.”

She besides shared that she felt assured successful doing the sprout due to the fact that she “felt bully mentally.”

But, Graham said, she did person to springiness herself a small pep speech successful the reflector earlier the shoot.

“I said, ‘Everything’s gonna beryllium okay,’” Graham said she told her reflection. “You look fantastic.’”

Graham, who shares 3 children — her twins Malachi and Roman, and lad Isaac, 2 — with hubby Justin Ervin, revealed connected Instagram successful February that she would share details of her “birth & postpartum journey” with her fans eventually.

In her station — which was published to observe the births of her twins — she explained wherefore she needed immoderate clip to speech astir these intimate details astir her life.

“I’m conscionable opening to process and observe what this adjacent section means for us,” she wrote.

Graham’s billboard is present connected show successful Los Angeles.

To work Graham’s portion successful full, caput implicit to People.

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