Assault weapons march from Chicago to DC

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hundreds of radical from the Chicago country are heading to Washington D.C. to instrumentality portion successful a nationalist march against battle weapons Thursday.

The lawsuit was organized by March Fourth, which formed aft the wide shooting astatine the July 4 parade successful Highland Park.

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They'll beryllium joined by radical from much than a twelve different communities crossed the state that person besides been impacted by weapon violence.

The U.S. House of Representatives person passed a measure banning battle weapons. March Fourth is present urging the Senate to bash the same.

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March Fourth already organized a rally successful the nation's superior successful July, little than 2 weeks aft the parade shooting.

The U.S. had not passed important weapon authorities for 30 years earlier this summer, erstwhile Congress passed a measure expanding inheritance checks for buyers aged 18 to 21, and restricted weapon entree for home unit offenders and radical who could airs a hazard to their communities. It inactive falls acold abbreviated of restricting weapon sales, oregon banning battle weapons oregon precocious capableness magazines.

The nationalist battle weapons ban, which was signed into instrumentality by President Bill Clinton, was allowed to expire and has not been renewed.

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