At COP26, Gore Says Satellite Emissions Monitoring Helps Climate-Change Fight

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Climate|Satellite monitoring of emissions from countries and companies ‘changes everything,’ Al Gore says.

Former Vice President Al Gore, speaking astatine  the Climate Hub, a New York Times lawsuit   bid    taking spot  alongside the COP26 Climate Conference successful  Glasgow, Scotland, connected  Wednesday.
Credit...Craig Gibson For The New York Times

Jenny Gross

  • Nov. 3, 2021Updated 2:01 p.m. ET

One of the challenges successful holding companies and countries accountable for their roles successful planetary warming is however greenhouse state emanation information has been self-reported, erstwhile Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday connected the sidelines of the COP26 clime acme successful Glasgow.

“There’s an aged cliché that I’m definite you’ve heard a cardinal times: that you tin lone negociate what you tin measure,” Mr. Gore said, speaking astatine the Climate Hub, a Times lawsuit series moving alongside the conference.

But, helium said, advances successful outer and machine investigation person enabled accusation astir emissions to beryllium tracked independently and successful existent time, helping scientists delegate work for emissions to circumstantial industries, companies and regions.

“That changes everything,” helium said.

Mr. Gore’s Climate Trace coalition, which began past year, issued its archetypal study connected greenhouse state emissions successful September. It was the culmination of a survey that analyzed information from much than 300 satellites.

“We present person the emissions, for the past 5 years, for each ample root of greenhouse state emissions connected the planet,” said Mr. Gore, whose movie astir clime change, “An Inconvenient Truth,” won the 2007 Academy Award for champion documentary. “By adjacent year, we volition person that down to specified a granular level that we volition beryllium capable to study monthly, play and successful a fewer cases regular totals from each azygous important instrumentality root everyplace successful the world.”

Mr. Gore said helium wanted to absorption connected the imaginable for caller exertion to assistance marque greenhouse state emanation reporting much transparent, much timely and much accurate. At past clime conferences, helium said, the treatment was based connected outdated data. There are 100 countries that don’t person immoderate emissions information that is much caller than 5 oregon adjacent 20 years old, helium said.

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