AT&T vendor caught using 'N-word' directed at teen

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SOUTH FULTON, Ga. (CBS46) - An unprovoked radical onslaught was caught connected camera. A antheral soliciting for AT&T directed a radical slur astatine a South Fulton family’s teenage son.

The antheral was going door-to-door soliciting customers connected Concord Loop successful South Fulton.

A 16-year-old named Montrell Godley answered done the Ring camera and said helium needed to speech to his begetter first. But that’s erstwhile the antheral walked away, and said, “Thanks for being a [racial slur].”

The antheral appears to usage the derogatory word a 2nd time, arsenic helium walks toward the driveway.

The household is shaken and traumatized by what they saw connected camera.

“I was successful shock. Because this is my archetypal clip ever having to woody with this. I didn’t expect that, and I was astatine a nonaccomplishment of words,” said Montrell Godley. “This is conscionable thing that nary African American should accept.”

Montrell’s dada is conscionable arsenic frustrated arsenic his son.

“That worldly is unacceptable. It’s offensive. It’s painful. It’s hurtful. And it tin pb to long-lasting damaging scars,” said Aaron Godley.

He wants action, immediately.

“I don’t deliberation that idiosyncratic who has that benignant of hatred successful their bosom should beryllium going into communities and to people’s homes,” said Aaron Godley. “Somebody needs to beryllium down and speech to him. I adjacent would beryllium consenting to speech to him and explicate to him, the harm that you caused with the prime of words that you used.”

After CBS46 News reached retired to AT&T Thursday evening, an authoritative said that they person terminated the narration with the vendor.

AT&T released a connection saying:

“This vendor’s behaviour is vile and violative and goes against everything we basal for arsenic a company. We person zero tolerance for what happened contiguous and the narration with this vendor has been terminated.”

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