Atlanta Shooting Survivor Drops Horrific Stat: Her 4th Active Shooter In 5 Years

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An employee at an Atlanta medical facility, the site of Wednesday’s mass shooting where at least one woman died and four others suffered injuries, told CNN that the terrifying event wasn’t the first time her building has seen an active shooter situation. (You can hear her remarks below)

Tyrisia Woods, who described initially feeling “panic” in the wake of the shooting, recalled hearing multiple gunshots and hearing reports of “blood in the elevator” on her floor before locking down her office.

“I’ve been working in this building for almost five years and this is the fourth active shooter that I’ve encountered since I’ve worked there,” said Woods before nearly a second of silence.

“Jesus. It’s shocking to hear I’m sure for people listening at home,” replied CNN’s Jim Sciutto.

“Listen, we cover them every day, Americans absorb news like this every day...”

Woods’ experiences with multiple active shooter situations reflects remarks from students who experienced the deadly Michigan State shooting this year. Some survivors recounted living through shootings in the past including the 2021 shooting at Oxford High School as well as the Sandy Hook massacre.

Wednesday’s shooting in Atlanta adds to the 192 mass shootings in the U.S. this year, according to Gun Violence Archive.

Just over 14,300 people have died as a result of gun violence in America in 2023, as of Thursday morning, as well.

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