Austin Tice's parents tell CNN they received support from Biden for efforts to get him home

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Washington (CNN)The parents of Austin Tice, an American writer kidnapped successful Syria astir a decennary ago, told CNN they received enactment from President Joe Biden connected efforts to bring their lad home.

In an interrogation with Jake Tapper connected "The Lead" Tuesday, Marc Tice said Biden told them "he supported the efforts that are underway and different efforts that whitethorn make affirmative movement" to get Austin home.

"One of the efforts underway is pushing to get engagement and engagement that sustained," betwixt the US and Syria, which bash not person diplomatic relations.

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    "This is thing that volition astir apt instrumentality immoderate clip to marque happen, but we person to instrumentality those archetypal steps. And the President has indicated helium was wholly supportive and committed to doing so," helium said.

      Debra Tice said she felt advancement was made successful getting a gathering with Biden the time prior.

      "We were astonished astatine however up to day helium was connected Austin's lawsuit and however committed his to getting him home," she said.

      Marc Tice said helium thought the gathering could beryllium the commencement of a "real oversea change," due to the fact that "when the President is down something, the remainder of the strategy falls successful measurement and makes things happen."

        Austin Tice, a freelance writer and Marine Corps veteran, was detained astatine a checkpoint adjacent Damascus successful August 2012 portion reporting connected the warfare successful Syria.

        Debra Tice said the household has not received an update connected Austin's information oregon whereabouts. Marc Tice added "there are whispers connected the upwind and we inactive get contacted by radical successful Syria that deliberation they mightiness cognize something, but arsenic acold arsenic an existent transmission to idiosyncratic that we cognize has that information? Doesn't exist."

        The gathering astatine the White House Monday happened pursuing the Tices attendance astatine White House Correspondents' Dinner implicit the weekend, wherever they were recognized by the White House Correspondents Association President.

        It besides comes up of a planned objection astatine the White House Wednesday by a fig of families of Americans detained overseas who besides anticipation to unafraid a gathering with Biden that could pb to their loved ones returning home.

        The President "reiterated his committedness to proceed to enactment done each disposable avenues to unafraid Austin's agelong overdue instrumentality to his family," White House property caput Jen Psaki said successful a connection Monday.

        Biden "further emphasized that his Administration volition enactment relentlessly until Austin and different Americans held hostage and wrongfully detained worldwide are safely astatine location with their loved ones," she said.

          On Tuesday, successful remarks marking World Press Freedom Day, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that "today and each time we deliberation of American writer Austin Tice, who has been held captive successful Syria for astir 10 years, a 4th of his life."

          "We volition proceed to prosecute each avenue to unafraid his release," helium said.

          CNN's Maegan Vazquez and Donald Judd contributed to this report.

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