Autism school in danger of closing

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — In this blistery existent property market, homes and commercialized buildings successful West Palm Beach are being sold for millions of dollars much than conscionable a mates of years ago.

That's providing a large situation for a section schoolhouse whose lease is astir to end.

For the past 8 years, the Mountaineer's School of Autism successful West Palm Beach has been providing parents bid of caput and children with autism the accidental to turn and flourish.

"From the infinitesimal that Amelia arrived here, we person seen thing but improvements successful her cognitive skills, her quality to interact with people," Amelia's dada Pierre Rodriguez said.

Pierre Rodriguez and his girl  Amelia astatine  Mountaineer's School of Autism


Pierre Rodriguez shares a infinitesimal with his daughter, Amelia, who attends Mountaineer's School of Autism.

His girl has Down syndrome with autism.

She aged retired of her past school, and Rodriguez said the therapy she's receiving present is unmatched.

"If the schoolhouse didn't exist, I don't cognize — not lone wherever my girl would spell to beryllium capable to scope her eventual imaginable — but I'm besides acrophobic for those parents I spot and grown to meet," Rodriguez said.

For the school's founder, Mary Jo Walsh, it means everything. This schoolhouse has fixed her purpose.

"We service children anyplace from property 3 each the mode up to 22," Walsh said.

Her son, Malcolm, is deaf and has autism.

Mary Jo Walsh, laminitis  of Mountaineer's School of Autism


Mary Jo Walsh says Mountaineer's School of Autism volition person to rise thousands of dollars to stay open.

She threw her nursing vocation speech and started the schoolhouse due to the fact that she said Malcolm's world and societal needs were not being met.

But present the schoolhouse is successful information of closing due to the fact that the gathering is being sold.

"It would beryllium devastating for the families successful our community," Walsh said.

She said the gathering proprietor is moving with her, but she needs to rise a ample magnitude of wealth to marque a down outgo and acquisition the gathering herself.

"Not lone would 70 children not person an education, not person entree to therapy services, the families wouldn't person determination that their children could spell wherever they're safe," Walsh said.

Pierre Rodriguez, girl  attends Mountaineer's School of Autism


Pierre Rodriguez's household has begun raising wealth to marque definite the Mountaineer's School of Autism stays open.

Rodriguez's household has started raising money, but present he's pleading for the community's enactment to support this hidden gem unfastened successful Palm Beach County.

"I'm asking them to delight help. We don't privation to suffer Mountaineer's School of Autism," Rodriguez said. "We privation to beryllium connected large footing."

WPTV spoke with the gathering owner. He said helium cares astir the schoolhouse and wants to springiness Walsh archetypal dibs connected the property.

To marque that happen, Walsh said she volition request to rise thousands of dollars.

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