‘Avatar 2’ Teaser Trailer Is Finally Here

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A full batch has happened since a then-freshly elected President Barack Obama called 2009’s “Avatar” a “great flick” during his and Michelle Obama’s first-ever vacation message.

At the time, mentioning James Cameron’s 3D megahit — which is the highest-grossing film of each clip — during a nationalist code seemed culturally applicable and, we’re not going to lie, precise cool.

But successful 2022 — aft much than a decennary and numerous delays — the operation “‘Avatar 2’ is yet coming out!” mightiness elicit immoderate groans.

And if this is you (or not, we cognize there’s inactive immoderate Na’vi diehards retired there) the teaser trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” whitethorn tempt you to dive backmost into Pandora erstwhile again.

The film, which volition beryllium released Dec. 16, volition prima galore of the archetypal film’s formed members, including Zoe Saldana arsenic Neytiri, Sigourney Weaver successful a caller relation and Sam Worthington arsenic Jake Sully, per Variety. Joining the formed are Kate Winslet arsenic Ronal, Michelle Yeoh arsenic Dr. Karina Mogue and Oona Chaplin arsenic Varang, among others. Cameron besides told Variety successful his “Directors connected Directors” speech successful 2021 that helium he combined the filming process for the archetypal 2 sequels, positive “a small spot of ‘4.’”

“We mixed the schedules for ‘2’ and ‘3’ together, based connected the types of scenes and the environments,” Cameron said. “I said, let’s conscionable dainty it similar it’s a six-hour miniseries and we’re lone going to spell to Frankfurt once. We’re going to sprout each the scenes from ‘2’ and ‘3’ astatine the aforesaid time. That was much oregon little the motif.”

This means we mightiness not person to hold different 13 years for “Avatar 3.”

As for “Avatar 2,” the caller movie picks up wherever the past near off, with Sully and Neytiri gathering a household successful which 1 subordinate appears to beryllium a quality surviving among the Na’vi. Plot details 1 could gauge from the trailer are bladed — though immoderate water-related warfare seems apparent.

Also, the “Avatar” font successful the teaser trailer appears to beryllium a much zhuzhed-up mentation of the archetypal movie’s Papyrus font, which whitethorn oregon whitethorn not delight Ryan Gosling.

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