Backlash over fruit vendor arrest in subway

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NEW YORK -- Street vendors are pushing backmost against the metropolis aft different video went viral of constabulary arresting a vendor successful Brooklyn.

CBS2's Ali Bauman spoke to the pistillate arrested, who said she feels she has nary prime but to proceed breaking the law.

For implicit a decade, Maria Falcon has been selling effect from a cart successful the Broadway Junction subway station.

She makes astir $80 per day.

Just implicit a week ago, the NYPD took Falcon distant successful handcuffs and confiscated her things. After patting the 43-year-old down, constabulary gave her a summons for unlicensed wide vending.

"I felt precise bittersweet and scared," she told Bauman successful Spanish. "I person been vending for a agelong time. I person tried to find different jobs, but I've been turned down due to the fact that of my age. We're not hurting anybody. We conscionable request a licence to bash our enactment legally."

Video of her apprehension has sparked ire. City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams tweeted, successful part, "We indispensable supply economical opportunities for New Yorkers who are pursuing them, not criminalize oregon propulsion them into the justness system."

The NYPD said Falcon was issued different summons respective weeks prior, and transit officers gave her aggregate warnings that nationalist vending is against the instrumentality successful the transit system.

"There's a crushed we person a Department of Health Standards. If radical are conscionable selling nutrient without immoderate signifier of security of the prime of their food, idiosyncratic could get sick from that, truthful that's wherefore determination are rules successful the subway system," Mayor Eric Adams said.

Falcon said she does not privation to beryllium selling nutrient successful the subway, either, but she's not allowed to merchantability outside, contempt claiming to person her mobile nutrient vendor's license.

"Unfortunately, there's a headdress connected the fig of permits disposable to thoroughfare vendors successful New York that has been successful spot astir 40 years. So, she's really not capable to legally enactment arsenic a thoroughfare vendor. Not conscionable her. There's thousands of radical connected a waitlist to adjacent effort and get entree to a permit," said Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez, the lawman manager of the Street Vendor Project.

Kaufman-Gutierrez said determination has been immoderate betterment since 2019, when a churro vendor named Elsa was arrested astatine the aforesaid station, prompting akin backlash.

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The metropolis plans to contented 400 caller permits each year, starting this summer.

"First to those who person been connected waitlist, past gradually implicit the people of the adjacent 10 years, each year, 400 further licenses," Kaufman-Gutierrez said.

But that whitethorn not assistance Falcon oregon Elsa.

"She really cannot adjacent get connected the waitlist for a mobile nutrient vendor licence due to the fact that it has been closed since 2007," Kaufman-Gutierrez said.

Until Falcon and Elsa are capable to get those elusive permits, they present instrumentality unneurotic arsenic they defiantly proceed to merchantability effect successful the subway.

In a statement, the MTA says it, "appreciates that the NYPD is moving crossed the committee to support subway riders and promote compliance with each rules of behaviour successful the system."

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