Baseball Player's Mom Predicts He'll Hit Home Run On Mother's Day — And, Boy, Does He!

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San Diego Padres catcher Jorge Alfaro wasn’t capable to walk Mother’s Day with his ma successful Colombia, but helium gave her a acquisition she’ll ever remember: a location run.

Even much amazing: She predicted he’d deed 1 for her adjacent though helium wasn’t successful the lineup for Sunday’s crippled with the Miami Marlins.

Earlier that day, Alfaro called his ma astatine her location successful Sincelejo to privation her a blessed Mother’s Day. Although helium wasn’t scheduled to start, she had a connection for him.

“If you’re not successful the lineup, conscionable beryllium ready, you’re going to deed a location tally today,” Alfaro told, relaying what his ma said to him. “I’m like, ‘Mom, that’s hard to do.’”

She didn’t look deterred, telling her son, “I don’t care, whatever,” earlier adding, “God bless you, person a bully game.”

Spoiler alert: He did, oregon astatine slightest a precise timely at-bat.

The Padres were trailing the Marlins 2-0 successful the bottommost of the ninth inning with 2 men connected basal erstwhile Alfaro came successful to pinch hit. Then, connected the archetypal transportation helium saw, Alfaro knocked it retired of the park, giving the Padres a 3-2 win.

After the game, Alfaro inactive couldn’t judge his mom’s prediction came existent close erstwhile it mattered most.

“It’s conscionable unbelievable,” Alfaro told “She called it earlier, close earlier the crippled started. … After I deed the ball, I was moving the bases, and it was similar I was dreaming. It feels similar a dream. How did she know?”

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