Beanie Feldstein Says She Had No Clue Lea Michele Wanted To Be In 'Funny Girl'

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Beanie Feldstein volition fulfill a lifelong imagination erstwhile she stars successful Broadway’s “Funny Girl” adjacent year, but she said she was wholly unaware that different histrion had agelong been vying for the role.

In a caller interrogation with SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy,” the “Booksmart” histrion reacted to quality that Lea Michele’s sanction had trended connected Twitter successful August erstwhile the casting was announced.

“I didn’t adjacent cognize that immoderate of this was happening, by the way,” Feldstein said. “All of a sudden, radical started explaining it to me, and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ I didn’t understand.”

The quality of Fanny Brice successful “Funny Girl” is astir associated with Barbra Streisand, who originated the relation on Broadway in 1964 and won an Oscar for the movie adaptation 4 years later.

Before Feldstein landed the role, Michele had been repeatedly name-checked successful reports of an earlier “Funny Girl” revival that ne'er materialized. The actor’s “Glee” character, Rachel Berry, played Fanny connected Broadway successful the show’s 5th season.

Catch a clip of Beanie Feldstein’s “Radio Andy” interrogation below.

“We were reasoning of doing it close aft ‘Glee,’ but I did a batch of the songs from ‘Funny Girl’ connected ‘Glee,’ truthful it felt similar a small soon,” Michele revealed successful an quality connected “Watch What Happens Live” successful 2017. “But I consciousness truly acceptable to bash it now, truthful possibly we could bash it soon.”

Though Twitter was rife with speculation arsenic to however Michele would respond to the quality of Feldstein’s casting, the “Glee” prima simply congratulated her chap actor connected Instagram.

In her “Radio Andy” interrogation this week, Feldstein was complimentary of Michele but said determination had been nary further correspondence. “I don’t cognize the pistillate whatsoever,” she said.

The 2022 accumulation of “Funny Girl” volition people the first-ever revival of the amusement connected Broadway since its premiere astir 58 years ago. Though a accumulation starring “Six Feet Under” histrion Lauren Ambrose arsenic Fanny was announced successful 2011, producers ultimately abandoned the project.

When big Andy Cohen asked if she was tense astir Streisand attending ― and perchance critiquing ― her show arsenic Fanny, Feldstein said, “I don’t privation to cognize erstwhile anyone’s there, truthful surely not the queen herself.”

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