Bear breaks into vacation home

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CRIVITZ, Wis. (WLS) -- Video of a DNR conservation warden removing a achromatic carnivore from a compartment successful Wisconsin is going viral.

That warden, Tim Werner, ne'er expected the video would marque him a personage carnivore wrangler.

"Saw the video, I was rather amazed really and got a bully chuckle retired of it," Werner told WBAY-TV.

Just earlier midnight connected Sunday, Werner received a telephone astir a carnivore that entered a abrogation location adjacent Crivitz done a room window. The intruder snuck successful portion astir of the household was asleep.

"The carnivore was capable to really punch done the surface and came in, ate immoderate nutrient successful the room and past ended up moving its mode into the maestro bathroom," Werner said.

Werner said the startled guests from Illinois woke up, closed the bath door, past ran retired of the location and called for help.

"Our archetypal program was to really effort to funnel this carnivore -- unfastened the bath door, usage immoderate furnishings to funnel it to the beforehand doorway and fto it retired that way. Unfortunately, the carnivore didn't cooperate with america and didn't privation to travel retired of the bathroom," Werner said.

Noticing the carnivore was conscionable a juvenile, and astir 120 pounds, Werner figured helium could usage a drawback pole.

It worked, but not earlier a stubborn, feisty conflict that ended with the carnivore released outside, unharmed. Video from Shane Geyger shows the carnivore being unwillingly removed from the home.

"I've dealt with wolves and bobcats and different animals that person been caught successful traps and helped merchandise those, but arsenic acold arsenic releasing a carnivore from a house, this is simply a first," says Werner with a smile.

Bear encounters are expanding astatine this clip of twelvemonth arsenic adults spell successful hunt of a mate and cubs are sent disconnected to task connected their own. The Wisconsin DNR estimated determination were 23,200 achromatic bears successful the authorities past fall.

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