Beer-Chugging Fan Megan Lucky Gets Shoutout From U.S. Open In Viral Return

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Megan Lucky isn’t playing erstwhile it comes to beer-chugging astatine the U.S. Open.

She went viral again for guzzling a brew during a match, and adjacent the tourney tipped its chapeau to her Sunday, penning with the clip connected Twitter: “It seems this is becoming contented astatine this point.”

When the camera panned to Lucky, she appeared to drawback her antheral companion’s brew and milked the assemblage arsenic she downed the suds.

“I missed you guys,” Lucky commented successful the post.

In 2021, Lucky gulped her mode twice into viewers’ hearts by downing a cupful of brew connected camera ― but with 2 hands raised successful triumph successful 1 of the clips alternatively of a solo cupful thrust this year.

She shared a divided surface of her ale-raising connected Instagram and damn if her chugging clip wasn’t astir precisely the aforesaid arsenic past year. “So overmuch person than I thought,” she wrote connected her Instagram story.

It takes signifier for that benignant of consistency.

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