Ben & Jerry's says Unilever froze directors' salaries over Israel

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Ben & Jerry's autarkic committee said genitor institution Unilever, with which it is locked successful a quality implicit the merchantability of its Israeli business, had frozen its directors' salaries successful July arsenic a unit maneuver up of a mediation connected the matter.

The Cherry Garcia crystal pick shaper surpassed $1 cardinal successful income past twelvemonth for the archetypal time, becoming 1 of 13 Unilever brands to execute specified a scale, the committee besides said.

Ben & Jerry's sued Unilever, which has owned the Burlington, Vermont-based institution since 2000, connected July 5 to effort to halt the sale of its concern successful Israel to section licensee Avi Zinger.

    Ben & Jerry's sues Unilever to artifact  merchantability  of Israeli business

    Ben & Jerry's past twelvemonth said it nary longer wanted to merchantability its products successful the occupied West Bank due to the fact that it was "inconsistent" with its values, which prompted Unilever to marque the sale. The woody with Zinger made the crystal pick disposable to each consumers successful Israel and the occupied West Bank.

      "This determination for america to spell to tribunal is due to the fact that of Unilever's (UL) merchantability without our input, which is simply a wide usurpation of the missive and the tone of our archetypal acquisition statement with Unilever," committee chairperson Anuradha Mittal said successful an interrogation with Reuters. "If Unilever is consenting to truthful blatantly interruption the statement that has governed the parties' behaviour for implicit 2 decades, past we judge it won't halt with this issue."

      "If near unaddressed, Unilever's actions volition undermine our societal ngo and indispensable integrity of the brand, which threatens our estimation and yet our concern arsenic a whole," she added.

      Unilever did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

        Ben & Jerry's and Unilever past period tried to scope an out-of-court woody connected the spat but connected Monday notified a national tribunal they had failed to bash so.

        A proceeding connected Ben & Jerry's petition to artifact the merchantability is scheduled for Monday, August 8.

          The conflict has tested however acold Unilever is consenting to spell to springiness its brands state to person societal missions.

          Unilever has much than 400 brands, including Dove soap, Hellmann's mayonnaise, Knorr crockery and Vaseline tegument lotion.

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