Bicyclist allegedly attacked by neighbor

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SEABROOK – Stitches surrounded Elliott Reed’s bloodshot near oculus arsenic helium elaborate his injuries from the greeting helium thought helium would ne'er beryllium capable to spot again.

“It’s a stitch here, stitch here,” Reed said portion pointing passim his look and recounted the moments starring up to erstwhile helium said a neighbour assaulted him.

Collin Fries, 25, has been charged with misdemeanor assault. He is accused of beating Reed connected Friday, Oct. 29 portion astatine the intersection of Lakeside Drive and Hampton Strings Drive successful Seabrook.

Although Reed’s injuries service arsenic grounds of what happened, they don’t corroborate wherefore the onslaught occurred.

Reed said helium was riding his bike, thing helium does regular to power his diabetes, erstwhile helium stopped for a interruption astatine a thoroughfare country a fewer blocks from his location of 3 years.

Reed said Fries approached the halt motion astatine the intersection earlier confronting him from his car.

“He said, ‘You request to get disconnected of this country due to the fact that you’re making everybody nervous,’” Reed said.


Reed said helium started signaling connected his telephone and aft that, Fries exited his conveyance and started walking towards him.

“I asked him, ‘Are you the law, sir? What’s going on?’ He said, ‘You’re conscionable making radical nervous,’” Reed said.

Reed said Fries past called him the n-word earlier telling him helium needed to get distant from the neighborhood.

Reed’s compartment telephone video shows portion of the confrontation starring up to the attack. In the video, you tin perceive Reed asking the antheral successful the video wherefore helium was approaching him. The video ends erstwhile Reed said helium fell implicit his bicycle aft Fries rushed him.

“The past happening I retrieve is hitting my caput and I went out,” Reed said.

Neighbors who witnessed the onslaught called Seabrook police.

Reed said archetypal responders rushed him to UTMB Health - Clear Lake Campus earlier transferring him to the hospital’s main determination successful Galveston owed to his oculus injury.

Reed’s wife, Angie, said constabulary arrived astatine her doorway with her husband’s bicycle pursuing the attack.


“When I walked successful the infirmary and seen him, I started crying and the nurses started crying,” Angie Reed said, adding her hubby apt volition request country to repair harm to his near oculus – an onslaught she said could person claimed her husband’s life.

“It was the witnesses who told the constabulary that helium was deed astir 12 times aft helium was already unconscious,” she said.

While Fries has been charged with misdemeanor assault, the Reed’s would similar for charges to beryllium upgraded to a felony, astatine least.

The household said they did not cognize Fries earlier the attack, and judge there’s lone 1 crushed wherefore helium attacked Reed and that’s due to the fact that he’s Black.

“I don’t consciousness harmless successful my ain vicinity wherever I wage taxes and americium a law-abiding national of Seabrook,” Elliott said.

Seabrook constabulary main Sean Wright told KPRC2 the incidental didn’t look to beryllium a hatred crime, citing erstwhile “conflict” betwixt neighbors, contempt the Reed’s assertion that they had not met Fries.


The Harris County District Attorney’s Office continues to analyse the case.

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