Biden Calls for Tougher Actions on Emissions at COP26

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At the COP26 clime acme successful Glasgow, President Biden warned that the satellite lone has “a little window” to combat the increasing impacts of clime alteration and described the situation arsenic an accidental to thrust worldwide economical maturation and occupation gains.CreditCredit...Pool photograph by Yves Herman

Jim Tankersley

  • Nov. 1, 2021Updated 12:11 p.m. ET

President Biden told satellite leaders connected Monday that “we lone person a little model earlier america to rise our ambitions” to combat clime change, informing that clime disasters were already imposing trillions of dollars of economical costs but offering anticipation that a displacement to lower-emission vigor sources could make millions of jobs astir the world.

“Glasgow indispensable beryllium the kickoff of a decennary of innovation and ambition to sphere our shared world,” Mr. Biden said successful a code that lasted conscionable implicit 11 minutes, adjacent the opening of a league with chap leaders astatine the U.N. acme connected clime change, known arsenic COP26.

The president touted the imaginable emissions reductions successful a sweeping spending measure that Democrats are hoping to walk done the House and Senate soon, but which inactive has uncertain prospects to marque it to Mr. Biden’s desk.

He did not laic retired much ambitious short-term targets oregon pledges for American emissions reductions, beyond those helium elaborate astatine a clime gathering successful April, though helium said helium would merchandise connected Monday a semipermanent program to bring the United States to net-zero emissions by 2050.

He besides did not telephone retired China — as his nationalist information advisor did earlier successful the day — for insufficient enactment connected emissions reduction. Instead, helium called for planetary cooperation.

“We’re inactive falling short,” helium said. “There is nary much clip to bent backmost oregon beryllium connected the obstruction oregon reason amongst ourselves. This is simply a situation of our corporate lifetime.”

Mr. Biden said that successful the days to come, his medication would item caller efforts to trim emissions done forestry and the agriculture and lipid and state industries. And helium pledged further U.S. enactment for processing nations successful mitigating and adapting to clime change.

“God bless you all,” Mr. Biden said, somewhat tweaking his accepted speech-closing remarks, “and whitethorn God prevention the planet.”

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