Biden Goes Full 'Dark Brandon' In Scathing Impression Of Republican Hypocrisy

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President Joe Biden seems to beryllium taking the gloves off ― and his supporters are loving it.

At an lawsuit Thursday, helium not lone called retired Republicans for claiming recognition for the infrastructure projects they voted against, helium adjacent did an content of the emblematic GOP lawmaker doing conscionable that.

The $1.2 trillion bill to amended roads, bridges, ports, h2o systems, high-speed net and much passed with the assistance of 13 Republicans successful the House and 19 successful the Senate.

“We got a small assistance from Republicans. Not a lot, but capable to get it passed,” Biden said astatine the Democratic National Committee’s Summer Meeting. “But the information is, determination are a batch much Republicans taking recognition for that measure than really voted for it.”

Indeed, numerous GOP lawmakers person crowed astir the projects coming to their states and districts arsenic if they had had a manus successful it erstwhile it information they voted against it.

Biden launched into an content of them.

“Now we’re gonna physique this caller span here. We’re each for it. And, by the way, this caller road,” helium said, earlier reverting to his mean voice: “I emotion ’em, man. They ain’t got nary shame. They don’t person immoderate shame.”

Biden utilized a akin enactment past year, minus the impression

“Some radical person nary shame,” helium said of Republicans who were bragging astir the projects that would payment their districts, funded from the bills they voted against. “But I’m blessed they cognize that it benefited their constituents.”

He promised not to sanction them, but helium held up a database of 13 examples, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), according to NBC News.

But Thursday night’s comments, including his voice-switching gimmick, are portion of a much caller signifier from Biden, a feisty broadside that supporters person taken to calling “Dark Brandon.”

That refers to the “Brandon” nickname erstwhile utilized arsenic an insult against the president by conservatives, present coopted by his supporters connected the left:

Dark Brandon, man. "They ain't got nary shame" is simply a cleanable statement for legislature Republicans. I don't cognize what they started putting successful Biden's Wheaties, but I privation some.

— Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) September 9, 2022

Biden condemned MAGA Republicans for taking recognition for his bills that they each voted against. He mocked them & said “these Republicans person nary shame!” Thank you Mr. President for reminding voters that MAGA Republicans are soulless hypocrites. Dark Brandon strikes again. See vid:

— Dash Dobrofsky (@DashDobrofsky) September 9, 2022

1: his Yertle content is SPOT ON.

2: wherever has this feline been for similar 19 months?

3: one infinitely similar the “Dark Brandon” Okay-i-am-just-done-with-your-bullshit Biden vs. let’s compromise beauteous delight Biden.

3a: kinda similar No Fucks Given Obama successful his past 2 years.


— SirFox (@DemonBob_Badman) September 9, 2022
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