Biden makes a passionate plea: 'Beating cancer is something we can do together'

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(CNN)President Joe Biden sought to present a unifying code successful Boston connected Monday focused connected his "Moonshot" inaugural to trim crab deaths successful the United States -- a halt that's portion of a ramped up question docket highlighting his administration's accomplishments ahead of the midterm elections.

Biden told an assemblage astatine Boston's John F. Kennedy Library and Museum that his extremity is to chopped crab decease rates by astatine slightest 50% successful the adjacent 25 years. The President besides said helium wants to "create a much supportive acquisition for patients and families."

The President -- who mislaid his lad to encephalon cancer -- spoke successful personal, passionate presumption astir his goal, which helium called "bold, ambitious" and "completely doable."

    "Cancer does not discriminate reddish and blue. It doesn't attraction if you're Republican oregon Democrat. Beating crab is thing we tin bash together," the President said discussing the administration's efforts to chopped the fig of deaths from crab successful the United States successful fractional implicit the adjacent 25 years.

      Biden's code came connected the 60th day of Kennedy's archetypal "Moonshot" speech, successful which helium unveiled his extremity of landing a antheral connected the Moon.

      "When helium acceptable that goal, helium established a nationalist intent that could rally the American radical successful a communal origin and helium succeeded," Biden said of Kennedy. "Now, successful our time, connected the 60th day of his clarion call, we look different inflection point. And together, we tin take to determination guardant with unity, anticipation and optimism. And I judge we tin usher successful the aforesaid unwillingness to postpone -- the aforesaid nationalist intent that volition service to signifier and measurement the champion of our energies and skills to extremity crab arsenic we cognize it and adjacent cure cancers erstwhile and for all."

      To "break the logjams" successful Congress, Biden said helium would usage his authorities arsenic President to summation backing for crab research.

        The President besides announced that Dr. Renee Wegrzyn volition go the inaugural manager of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, which is simply a caller bureau that aims to "drive biomedical innovation that supports the wellness of each Americans." He is besides expected to motion an enforcement bid that volition motorboat a National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative, the White House said.

        The midterm elections are little than 60 days away, and Biden's question to Boston is his latest effort aimed astatine capitalizing connected the governmental momentum spurred by caller legislative achievements and dropping state prices.

        Earlier Monday, the President highlighted projects made imaginable by the bipartisan infrastructure instrumentality astatine Boston Logan International Airport's Terminal E. New spending from the infrastructure law, helium said, volition make much than 5,000 jobs and grow capableness and summation accessibility astatine the airport.

        Biden, astatine the airport, stressed the value of competing with different countries similar China successful summation to rebuilding the nation's infrastructure.

        "We hazard losing our borderline arsenic federation to China, and the remainder of the satellite is catching up. That stops now, with investments similar we're celebrating present today," the President said.

        Biden said: "Folks, America invented modern aviation. But we've allowed our airports to lag down our competitors. Today, not a azygous solitary American airport, not one, ranked successful the apical 25 successful the world. The United States of America. Not 1 airdrome ranks successful the apical 25 successful the world. What successful the hell's the substance with us? It means commerce, it means income, it means security."

        The investments successful the airdrome see $50 cardinal to modernize Terminal E and $12 cardinal to amended roadways. The President said successful summation to being frustrating and inconvenient for passengers, postulation jams and delays connected airdrome runways origin aerial contamination that harms the situation and straight affects neighboring communities.

        Biden told reporters Monday up of his travel to Boston: "We're yet going to marque infrastructure statesman to work. We're making a large concern arsenic you know, up successful a large metropolis with an airdrome that is truly down the times, arsenic astir are. And we're going to beryllium spending a batch of wealth and we're going to get it done quickly, and we're going to spell each done America making our airports the champion successful the world."

          The President is besides scheduled to enactment successful a reception for the Democratic National Committee Monday evening.

          Biden's docket for the remainder of the week, arsenic outlined by the White House, includes a solemnisation astatine the White House for the transition of the Inflation Reduction Act -- a $750 cardinal wellness care, taxation and clime bill -- arsenic good arsenic a travel to the cardinal battleground authorities of Michigan.

          CNN's Nikki Carvajal contributed to this report.

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