Biden remains positive for Covid and 'continues to feel well,' his doctor says

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Dr. Kevin O'Connor said successful a memo connected Monday that the President tested positive for Covid-19 connected an antigen trial earlier successful the morning, "as could beryllium anticipated," and continues to travel "strict isolation measures" astatine the White House.

White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre said Monday that Biden is not experiencing immoderate "recurring symptoms" and volition travel guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and isolate for 5 days. Monday marked time 2 of that latest isolation.

    "He's feeling fine," Jean-Pierre told reporters astatine a White House briefing.

      Jean-Pierre said, "As you know, immoderate of you person had Covid ... those symptoms that you person don't spell distant close away, they benignant of linger, those minimal symptoms benignant of linger for immoderate time. So you tin expect that."

      The President is erstwhile again isolating astatine the White House aft emerging from isolation from his archetypal lawsuit of Covid-19 successful the mediate of past week. He has not near the White House successful 12 days.

      O'Connor said connected Saturday that the President had experienced "no reemergence of symptoms, and continues to consciousness rather well." In memos connected Sunday and Monday, O'Connor said the President "continues to consciousness well," but made nary explicit notation of symptoms.

        Due to his age, Biden is astatine an accrued hazard for a much terrible lawsuit of Covid-19, though the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says older adults being afloat vaccinated and boosted importantly reduces their hazard of hospitalization and death.

        The President, who is afloat vaccinated and treble boosted, archetypal tested affirmative connected July 21 and had mild symptoms for respective days earlier ending his isolation connected Wednesday pursuing 2 antagonistic Covid-19 tests. He completed a five-day people of the antiviral cause Paxlovid, which is disposable via exigency usage authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration for attraction of mild to mean Covid-19 successful radical property 12 and older who are astatine precocious hazard of terrible illness. It requires a doctor's prescription.

          But aft giving a code from the Rose Garden connected Wednesday in which the President said helium was "feeling great" and backmost to moving successful person, helium tested affirmative connected Saturday.

          The CDC precocious issued guidance saying radical who trial affirmative again and whose symptoms travel backmost aft finishing their antiviral pills should restart their isolation play and isolate for 5 afloat days. The bureau says radical tin extremity their isolation play aft those 5 further days as agelong arsenic their fever has been gone for 24 hours without fever-reducing medicine and they're feeling better. The bureau besides recommends that radical deterioration a disguise for 10 days aft their symptoms travel back.

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