Biden says he's discussing the future of China tariffs imposed by Trump

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(CNN)President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that his medication is presently evaluating however to champion determination guardant connected existing tariffs connected China enacted during the Trump administration, but helium cautioned that nary determination has been made.

Some experts and concern groups person called connected Biden to get escaped of the tariffs as a mode to combat inflation.

Asked by a newsman if helium would driblet the tariffs connected China imposed by erstwhile President Donald Trump, Biden said, "We're discussing that close now. We're looking astatine what would person the astir affirmative impact."

    When pressed whether helium would little oregon erase the tariffs, Biden said, "I didn't accidental that. ... I'm telling you we're discussing it and nary determination has been made connected it."

      Earlier this month, the Biden medication took a archetypal measurement toward conducting a statutory four-year reappraisal of the US tariffs connected Chinese goods -- but officials person fixed nary denotation that the reappraisal volition effect successful removing the tariffs.

      The Biden medication eased immoderate Trump-era tariffs connected Chinese imports successful March. But Biden has near tariffs successful spot connected $350 cardinal of Chinese goods that were imposed by his predecessor. And Beijing, meanwhile, has near its retaliatory tariffs connected immoderate cultivation products and immoderate American-made goods.

      The US and China reached a truce successful 2020, with some sides agreeing not to adhd caller tariffs. Beijing besides agreed to summation its purchases of US goods and cultivation products. But China fell good abbreviated of its goal, buying lone 57% of the US exports it had committed to purchasing by the extremity of 2021.

        White House property caput Jen Psaki confirmed aboriginal Tuesday that Biden is evaluating whether to easiness further sanctions against China, saying that she expects the medication volition person much to accidental successful the coming weeks.

        She said during the White House property briefing that determination continues to beryllium "an ongoing review" of US tariffs connected China and "we expect to bash more."

        "He's weighing caller ones, yes, due to the fact that it's an ongoing process and determination are much that are inactive successful place," Psaki said.

        "We are continuing to reappraisal wherever it would beryllium advantageous instrumentality steps that would assistance ... summation wages and assistance definite industries that are impacted by these tariffs successful a mode that we don't consciousness is effective," she continued.

        The President suggested earlier this twelvemonth that helium was leaving the tariffs successful spot due to the fact that China had failed to conscionable its targets.

        "I'd similar to beryllium capable to beryllium successful a presumption wherever I tin accidental they're gathering the commitments, oregon much of their commitments, and beryllium capable to assistance immoderate of it. But we're not determination yet," he said successful January.

        The US tariffs connected China deed a wide scope of Chinese-made goods and duties, making it much costly for American businesses to import these goods from China. Many of these goods are not manufactured successful the US astatine a gait that meets demand.

        Pressure from the concern assemblage has been ramping up connected the Biden medication to assistance the tariffs arsenic ostentation has worsened. Easing tariffs could assistance alleviate immoderate of the inflationary unit facing importers.

        In his code connected Tuesday preceding the questions astir the tariffs, Biden outlined his administration's efforts to combat inflation, which helium formed arsenic the "number 1 situation facing families today."

        "I privation each American to cognize that I americium taking ostentation precise earnestly and it is my apical home priority," Biden said.

        He pointed to the pandemic and Russia's penetration of Ukraine arsenic 2 cardinal drivers of the existent situation, arsenic consumers look 40-year-high ostentation and the Consumer Price Index coming this Thursday is expected to bespeak continued rising prices.

        Biden's remarks travel a time aft the Biden medication announced the US volition assistance a antithetic acceptable of Trump-instituted tariffs.

          The US is temporarily lifting Ukrainian alloy for a play of 1 twelvemonth successful a determination aimed astatine helping the Ukrainian system and sending a connection of enactment arsenic the state continues to defy Russia's ongoing invasion.

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          CNN's Katie Lobosco and Sam Fossum contributed to this report.

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