Biden to announce partnership with internet providers to lower costs for low-income households

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President Joe Biden.

Washington (CNN)President Joe Biden connected Monday volition denote that 20 of the nation's net providers person committed to lowering costs for low-income households, a measurement the medication says volition summation entree to high-speed internet for 48 cardinal households nationwide.

The announcement, which Biden is expected to marque from the White House, follows provisions successful the administration's bipartisan infrastructure instrumentality to subsidize wireless net for low-income families nether the Affordable Connectivity Program, which slashes net work fees for eligible families by up to $30 a period done assistance funding.

"From ample providers similar AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon serving dozens of states, to smaller providers serving agrarian areas similar Jackson Energy Authority successful Tennessee and Comporium successful North Carolina, the commitments volition let tens of millions of ACP-eligible households to person high-speed net astatine nary cost," the White House said Sunday successful a information expanse shared with CNN.

    To suffice for the Affordable Connectivity Program, a subordinate of a fixed household indispensable conscionable definite low-income thresholds oregon enactment successful immoderate 1 of the nation's assistance programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, the Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program oregon School Breakfast Program, Pell Grants, oregon others.

      An estimated 11.5 cardinal households person signed up to enactment successful the ACP to date.

      Since taking office, the Biden medication has eyed antithetic proposals to adjacent the US' integer divide, which has persisted for years. The issue, however, has sparked crisp governmental fights implicit however overmuch wealth to spend, wherever to walk it and what types of net entree Americans request to enactment competitory successful the 21st century.

      An medication authoritative made wide connected a telephone with reporters Sunday that participating companies were partnering with the medication voluntarily. "I privation to beryllium wide that we didn't -- we person not offered them thing successful bid to marque these commitments," the authoritative said.

        "We thought that it was important, successful presumption of providing low-cost options for millions of households, it was important to effort to get these companies to trim their prices, astatine slightest for ACP eligible households, 48 cardinal eligible households successful the country, and they did truthful voluntarily," the authoritative added. "There is not a information for immoderate national backing oregon thing similar that, these are voluntary commitments from the companies, and we're grateful for that."

        Comcast Cable CEO and President David Watson said successful a connection that the programme represents, "a historical accidental to adjacent the integer disagreement by empowering much Americans to get online and link to our progressively integer world."

        "We person been moving connected integer equity issues for implicit a decennary and judge this caller programme offers adjacent much enactment to execute those goals. We are arrogant to enactment unneurotic with our authorities and assemblage partners to adjacent the integer divide," Watson wrote.

          Per the White House, the 20 providers participating successful Monday's committedness connection sum for 80% of the country's colonisation and 50% of the nation's agrarian population.

          To dispersed awareness, the medication volition motorboat a caller URL,, allowing eligible households to link to net providers and motion up for the ACP, motorboat outreach programs done national programs whose beneficiaries suffice for subsidized internet, and spouse with cities and states to get the connection out.

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