Biden, Trump make final pitches to U.S. voters on eve of midterm elections

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WASHINGTON, Nov 7 (Reuters) - One time earlier midterm elections that could usher successful a caller epoch of divided authorities successful Washington, President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump volition clasp competing rallies successful a last effort to mobilize supporters.

Biden, whose sagging popularity has made him unpopular successful respective plaything states, volition question to reliably Democratic Maryland connected Monday, wherever the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Wes Moore, is wide expected to triumph backmost the Republican-held governorship.

Trump, meanwhile, is headed to Ohio to run alongside the Republican Senate nominee, J.D. Vance, who emerged from a crowded tract of candidates connected the spot of Trump's endorsement.

Weighed down by elector frustrations implicit rising prices, Biden's Democrats fearfulness Tuesday's elections could spot them suffer power of 1 oregon some chambers of Congress.

That would spell the extremity of Biden's legislative docket - including Democratic priorities specified arsenic termination rights, household permission and clime alteration - and unfastened the doorway for 2 years of Republican-led investigations that could perchance harm the White House. A Republican-led Senate could besides block Biden's nominations for judicial oregon administrative posts.

Billionaire Elon Musk, whose acquisition of Twitter has Democrats disquieted that it could unleash a question of disinformation, tweeted connected Monday that "independent-minded voters" should ballot for a Republican Congress "because shared powerfulness curbs the worst excesses of some parties." The station stood successful opposition to an April 27 tweet successful which Musk said the tract "must beryllium politically neutral" to merit nationalist trust.

If Republicans unafraid a House majority, they program to usage the national indebtedness ceiling arsenic leverage to request that Biden judge heavy spending cuts. The U.S. Treasury is expected to deed its $31.4 trillion borrowing bounds successful 2023, and immoderate protracted stalemate that risks a default connected the U.S. government's indebtedness could roil fiscal markets.

A Republican Congress would besides seek to marque the 2017 idiosyncratic taxation cuts passed nether Trump permanent. That instrumentality slashed top-line taxation rates connected corporations, a imperishable diagnostic that Democrats failed to reverse with power of Congress implicit the past 2 years.

Control of Capitol Hill would springiness Republicans the powerfulness to artifact assistance to Ukraine, but they are much apt to dilatory oregon pare backmost the travel of weapons and economical assistance to Kyiv than halt it. work much


Biden has warned that a Republican triumph could weaken the foundations of U.S. ideology itself. "Democracy is virtually connected the ballot," helium said astatine a rally successful Yonkers, New York, connected Sunday.

Many Republican candidates person echoed Trump's baseless claims of fraud successful his 2020 predetermination defeat. Some of them could end up arsenic governors oregon predetermination administrators successful battleground states and play a cardinal relation successful the 2024 statesmanlike race.

Trump, whose endorsements played a captious relation successful shaping the Republican field, remains the party's ascendant figure, and helium has repeatedly hinted that helium plans to motorboat different statesmanlike tally soon.

With constrictive power of the House and the Senate, Biden's Democrats helped him to fulfill run promises to boost cleanable energy, combat the COVID-19 pandemic and concern the rebuilding of immoderate crumbling roads and bridges.

But surging ostentation and concerns astir precocious transgression person led galore voters to sour connected his leadership. Only 40% of Americans o.k. of his occupation performance, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll completed connected Tuesday.

Despite Biden's warnings astir democracy, galore of his chap Democrats person emphasized much applicable matters, specified arsenic their enactment to little medicine cause prices and support the Social Security safety-net program.

While Democrats besides campaigned connected termination rights, sentiment polls amusement that has faded arsenic a apical elector concern.

Democratic candidates successful galore of the astir competitory states person sought to region themselves from the unpopular Biden, with immoderate declining to run with him oregon accidental whether they would backmost him for re-election.

More than 40 cardinal American person already formed their ballots, either successful idiosyncratic oregon done the mail, according to the U.S. Elections Project, which tracks aboriginal voting.

Because immoderate states let ballots to beryllium mailed connected predetermination day, experts accidental it mightiness beryllium days oregon weeks earlier the result of immoderate adjacent races - and power of Congress - is clear.

Thus far, polling problems person not been wide reported. In Georgia, wherever 1 of the nation's astir intimately contested Senate races is unfolding, predetermination officials acknowledged connected Friday that they erroneously failed to message 1,046 absentee ballots to radical who had requested them.

County officials said astir fractional of the voters either voted aboriginal oregon received a replacement ballot overnight and recommended that the remainder ballot successful person. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a suit connected Sunday seeking to widen the deadline to instrumentality the ballots past Election Day connected Tuesday.

Reporting by Andy Sullivan; Additional reporting by Joseph Ax, Ben Kellerman and Nathan Layne; Editing by Ross Colvin and Alistair Bell

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