Biden warns on risk to democracy, Trump hints at another run on eve of midterms

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BOWIE, Md., Nov 7 (Reuters) - In a stark closing statement up of the U.S. midterm elections, President Joe Biden connected Monday warned that a Republican triumph could weaken the country's antiauthoritarian institutions, portion erstwhile President Donald Trump hinted helium could denote different White House bid arsenic soon arsenic adjacent week.

Biden's comments reflected the heavy governmental disagreement successful the United States up of Nov. 8 elections that could spot Republicans triumph power of 1 oregon some chambers of Congress.

"Today we look an inflection point. We cognize successful our bones that our democracy's astatine hazard and we cognize that this is your infinitesimal to support it," Biden told a cheering assemblage astatine Bowie State University, a historically Black assemblage extracurricular Washington.

Non-partisan predetermination forecasters foretell that Republicans are apt to prime up astir 25 seats successful the 435-seat House of Representatives, much than capable to triumph a majority. Analysts said Republicans besides could prime up the 1 spot they request to triumph power of the Senate.

Republicans person blamed Biden's medication for rising prices and crime, 2 apical elector concerns. But dozens of candidates besides person echoed Trump's baseless claims of fraud successful his 2020 predetermination defeat. Some of them could end up arsenic governors oregon predetermination administrators successful battleground states and play a cardinal relation successful the 2024 statesmanlike race.

Trump has repeatedly hinted that helium whitethorn tally for president again. At a rally to boost Republican candidates successful Ohio, Trump said helium would marque an announcement a week aft the predetermination astatine his Florida estate.

"I'm going to beryllium making a precise large announcement connected Tuesday, Nov. 15 astatine Mar-a-Lago successful Palm Beach, Florida," helium said.

Despite delivering connected run promises to boost infrastructure and cleanable energy, galore Americans person soured connected Biden's leadership. Only 39% o.k. of his occupation performance, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll published connected Monday.

Biden's unpopularity has made him an unwelcome impermanent successful the astir competitory races. On Monday, helium spoke successful reliably Democratic Maryland, wherever the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Wes Moore, is wide expected to triumph backmost the Republican-held governorship.

If Republicans triumph the House oregon the Senate, that would spell the extremity of Biden's efforts to get termination protections and different Democratic priorities done Congress. It besides would unfastened the doorway to Republican-led investigations that could perchance harm the White House. A Republican-led Senate could besides block Biden's nominations for judicial oregon administrative posts.

Billionaire Elon Musk, whose acquisition of Twitter and vows to loosen the reins connected who tin accidental what connected the level has led to immoderate speculation that it could unleash a question of disinformation, tweeted connected Monday that "independent-minded voters" should ballot for a Republican Congress.

If Republicans unafraid a House majority, they program to usage the national indebtedness ceiling arsenic leverage to request heavy spending cuts. They would besides seek to marque Trump's 2017 idiosyncratic taxation cuts imperishable and support firm taxation cuts that Democrats person unsuccessfully tried to reverse implicit the past 2 years.

Control of Capitol Hill would springiness Republicans the powerfulness to artifact aid to Ukraine, but they are much apt to dilatory oregon pare backmost the travel of weapons and economical assistance to Kyiv than halt it.

[1/2] U.S. President Joe Biden campaigns successful enactment of Democratic U.S. senatorial campaigner John Fetterman and Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania politician Josh Shapiro, successful Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., November 5, 2022. REUTERS/Hannah Beier


Trump supporters, spurred by his mendacious predetermination claims, person threatened and harassed election workers and voters.

An onslaught connected the hubby of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi connected Oct. 28 has further raised fears of governmental violence. Trump called her an "animal" astatine Monday's Ohio rally.

But the White House said connected Monday that instrumentality enforcement had not reported immoderate specific, credible election-related threats. The U.S. Justice Department said it would show voting successful 64 locations crossed the country.

Republicans accidental Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-relief bundle and clean-energy efforts person pushed prices higher.

Democrats campaigned heavy connected termination rights, counting connected a backlash to a June determination by the U.S. Supreme Court that ended nationwide termination protections. Voters successful five states volition see abortion-related initiatives connected Tuesday.

"I deliberation it should beryllium a person's ain determination of what to do," said Chris Gunston, 60, who voted for a connection to support termination rights successful Michigan, on with Democratic candidates connected the ballot there.

More than 43 cardinal Americans person already formed their ballots, either successful idiosyncratic oregon done the mail, according to the U.S. Elections Project, which tracks aboriginal voting.

Experts accidental it mightiness beryllium days oregon weeks earlier the result of immoderate adjacent races - and power of Congress - is clear.

Thus far, polling problems person not been wide reported.

In Georgia, wherever 1 of the nation's astir intimately contested Senate races is unfolding, predetermination officials successful Cobb County agreed to widen the voting deadline until Nov. 14 for 716 radical who had requested message ballots but did not person them.

Some of those who had not received their requested ballots opted to ballot successful person.

"I've had to miss a batch of classes to marque definite I could travel successful person," said Alyse Martin, 20, who said she traveled six hours from Washington backmost to Cobb County aft her absentee ballot ne'er arrived. "But I deliberation it volition each beryllium worthy it successful the end."

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