Bill Gates Says Meeting Jeffrey Epstein Was 'Huge Mistake'

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates admitted helium “made a immense mistake” successful gathering convicted enactment offender Jeffrey Epstein respective times, and should person heeded his ex-wife Melinda French Gates’ warnings astir the now-deceased predator.

“I surely made a immense mistake not lone gathering him successful the archetypal place, but I met with him a fig of times,” Gates told NBC’s “Today” amusement successful an interrogation that aired Tuesday. “I had a extremity of raising wealth for planetary health. I didn’t recognize that successful gathering with him astir downplayed the incredibly atrocious things helium did.”

EXCLUSIVE with @SavannahGuthrie:

Savannah: Why did you proceed to conscionable with [Jeffrey Epstein]?

Bill Gates: “I’d adhd that to the database of large mistakes including, wherever Melinda’s proposal was dependable and I should person followed that sooner than I did.”

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) May 3, 2022

Gates added that helium should person listened to his erstwhile wife, who had antecedently expressed her distaste for Epstein.

“I’d adhd that to the database of large mistakes including, wherever Melinda’s proposal was dependable and I should person followed that sooner than I did,” helium told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie.

Gates and French Gates announced their separation successful 2021, but proceed to enactment unneurotic for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to amended entree to wellness attraction astir the world.

In an interrogation with “CBS This Morning” successful March, French Gates said her husband’s narration with Epstein was a constituent of contention for the couple.

“I did not similar that he’d had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, no,” she told Gayle King. “I made that wide to him. ... [Epstein] was abhorrent. He was evil personified. I had nightmares astir it afterward.”

This is not the archetypal clip Gates has been questioned astir his ties to Epstein, who successful 2019 was found dormant successful an evident suicide successful his New York City situation cell. In a September interrogation with PBS’s Judy Woodruff, helium appeared evasive astir their relationship.

“Well, he’s dead, so, uhh, successful general, you ever person to beryllium careful,” Gates said astatine the time.

Guthrie besides asked Gates to code allegations that helium had extramarital affairs and whether that contributed to his separation.

“I don’t deliberation delving into the particulars astatine this constituent is constructive, but yes, I caused pain, and I consciousness unspeakable astir that,” helium said.


Bill Gates: "I surely made mistakes ... I don't deliberation delving into the particulars is constructive. Yes, I caused symptom and I consciousness unspeakable astir that."@SavannahGuthrie: "What person you learned astir yourself?"

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) May 3, 2022

Several instances of questionable behaviour by Gates person made headlines successful caller years.

Microsoft said Gates was asked to halt sending flirtatious emails to a mid-level pistillate worker astatine the institution successful 2008. Gates’ backstage bureau characterized the claims arsenic “false.”

Gates was asked to measurement down from Microsoft successful 2020, much than a decennary aft that incident, portion an probe into a erstwhile matter helium had with a erstwhile workfellow was underway. A spokesperson for Gates confirmed that matter to The Wall Street Journal, saying it “ended amicably.”

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