Billie Eilish Says She Used A Decoy Look-A-Like During 2022 Coachella Performance

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Billie Eilish has a concealed to stock astir her show astatine Coachella 2022.

During a caller interrogation connected “The Matt Wilkinson Show,” Eilish revealed she utilized a “body double” concisely during her show astatine the yearly euphony and arts festival.

“The opening of Coachella, I had a assemblage double, 1 of my dancers for the show,” Eilish shared. “I dressed her up successful a amusement look that I had worn before. We got a achromatic wig, and we enactment buns successful it, and we gave her a disguise and sunglasses, and she wore my shoes and my socks.”

“I enactment her up astatine the backmost of the signifier and she stood determination portion the lights went connected and everybody thought it was me,” she said. “And cipher ever knew it wasn’t me, virtually cipher knew. And portion she’s up there, I enactment connected a large achromatic overgarment and a postulation vest and a hood and conscionable glasses.”

The taxable of disguises came astir aft Wilkinson asked the entertainer if she’s ever camouflaged herself erstwhile she’s not singing connected signifier successful bid to ticker different musicians execute astatine festivals.

“Yeah, but I was a antithetic idiosyncratic past and it didn’t work! I’ve done it though, occasionally successful antithetic places, and it’s truly bully erstwhile you’re capable to bash it,” Eilish replied.

Earlier this month, the young creator rolled retired a new, politically-charged way called “TV,” which indirectly references a fewer high-profile popular civilization events, including the defamation proceedings betwixt Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and the arguable and looming overturn of Roe v. Wade.

“The internet’s gone chaotic watching movie stars connected trial,” she serenades connected the single, “While they’re overturning Roe v. Wade.”

Eilish is acceptable to deed the signifier astatine the Glanstonbury Festival connected Friday night, becoming the festival’s youngest solo headliner.

Watch her interrogation connected “The Matt Wilkinson Show” here.

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