Billionaire Charlie Munger praises China for being smarter than America at handling economic booms

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New York (CNN Business)Billionaire Charlie Munger is simply a large instrumentality of however communist China manages its economy.

The Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) vice president told CNN he's impressed that Beijing recognizes the troubles caused by allowing economical booms to get retired of control.

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China "steps connected a roar successful the mediate of it alternatively of waiting for the large bust," Munger said successful an interview. "Of course, I respect that. In that 1 respect, they are wiser than we are."

    The 97-year-old longtime person and concern spouse of Warren Buffett noted the contrasting ideologies of the world's 2 largest economies.

      "It amuses maine that communist China is being smarter astir handling booms than capitalist America," Munger said. "But I cognize a batch of radical that are smarter than I am. Should we not person a federation sometimes that is smarter than ours successful immoderate respects?"

      'Their strategy has worked better'

      While China has enjoyed decades of accelerated economical growth, the state has besides faced an outcry implicit its quality rights record. In March, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union announced sanctions against Chinese officials for "serious quality rights abuses" against Uyghur Muslims.

      Asked astir allegations of quality rights violations and concerns implicit China's authoritarian benignant of government, Munger said: "Of people I similar the conditions successful the United States."

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      "It's existent that I similar my ain system," helium said, "but considering the problems China had I would reason their strategy has worked amended for them than ours is for us."

      The billionaire pointed to China's quality to flooded its overpopulation occupation done assertive steps aimed astatine limiting colonisation growth.

      "You can't bash that successful a existent ideology similar ours. They had a occupation we didn't have. They needed tougher methods than we could usage nether our Constitution," Munger said. "They were fortunate they had the existent strategy they had astatine the clip they had their colonisation problem."

      Standing by praise for China's regulators

      After decades of strict household readying policies, including its one-child policy, which started successful 1980 and lasted 35 years, China is present trying to stave disconnected a demographic crisis marked by excessively fewer working-age citizens. The state precocious announced it volition allow couples to person 3 children.

      "I don't deliberation we should presume that each different federation successful the world, nary substance what the problems are, should person our benignant of government," Munger said. "I deliberation that's pompous and self-centered. Ours is close for america but possibly theirs is close for them."

      Munger besides pointed to the accelerated maturation successful China that has lifted millions of radical retired of poverty.

      "It is 1 of the astir singular achievements successful the past of the quality race, what the Chinese person accomplished successful the past 30 years," Munger said, echoing comments helium made during Berkshire's yearly shareholder meeting successful aboriginal May.

        Munger drew disapproval implicit the summertime aft praising the Chinese authorities for silencing Alibaba's (BABA) Jack Ma and saying helium wished US fiscal regulators were much similar those successful China. "Communists did the close thing," Munger told CNBC in a peculiar that aired successful June.

        The Berkshire Hathaway enforcement insists helium does not regret those comments. "Regret it? I would regret not making them," Munger told CNN.

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