Birds Aren’t Real, or Are They? Inside a Gen Z Conspiracy Theory.

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In Pittsburgh, Memphis and Los Angeles, monolithic billboards precocious popped up declaring, “Birds Aren’t Real.”

On Instagram and TikTok, Birds Aren’t Real accounts person racked up hundreds of thousands of followers, and YouTube videos astir it person gone viral.

Last month, Birds Aren’t Real adherents adjacent protested extracurricular Twitter’s headquarters successful San Francisco to request that the institution alteration its vertebrate logo.

The events were each connected by a Gen Z-fueled conspiracy theory, which posits that birds don’t beryllium and are truly drone replicas installed by the U.S. authorities to spy connected Americans. Hundreds of thousands of young radical person joined the movement, wearing Birds Aren’t Real T-shirts, swarming rallies and spreading the slogan.

It mightiness smack of QAnon, the conspiracy mentation that the satellite is controlled by an elite cabal of child-trafficking Democrats. Except that the creator of Birds Aren’t Real and the movement’s followers are successful connected a joke: They cognize that birds are, successful fact, real and that their mentation is made up.

What Birds Aren’t Real genuinely is, they say, is simply a parody societal question with a purpose. In a post-truth satellite dominated by online conspiracy theories, young radical person coalesced astir the effort to thumb their chemoreceptor at, combat and poke amusive astatine misinformation. It’s Gen Z’s effort to upend the rabbit spread with absurdism.

“It’s a mode to combat troubles successful the satellite that you don’t truly person different ways of combating,” said Claire Chronis, 22, a Birds Aren’t Real organizer successful Pittsburgh. “My favourite mode to picture the enactment is warring lunacy with lunacy.”

At the halfway of the question is Peter McIndoe, 23, a floppy-haired assemblage dropout successful Memphis who created Birds Aren’t Real connected a whim successful 2017. For years, helium stayed successful quality arsenic the conspiracy theory’s main believer, commanding acolytes to rage against those who challenged his dogma. But now, Mr. McIndoe said successful an interview, helium is acceptable to uncover the parody lest radical deliberation birds truly are drones.


Mr. McIndoe rallying protesters extracurricular  Twitter’s office  successful  San Francisco past  month.
Credit...Madeline Houston

“Dealing successful the satellite of misinformation for the past fewer years, we’ve been truly conscious of the enactment we walk,” helium said. “The thought is meant to beryllium truthful preposterous, but we marque definite thing we’re saying is excessively realistic. That’s a information with coming retired of character.”

Most Birds Aren’t Real members, galore of whom are portion of an on-the-ground activism web called the Bird Brigade, grew up successful a satellite overrun with misinformation. Some person relatives who person fallen unfortunate to conspiracy theories. So for members of Gen Z, the question has go a mode to collectively grapple with those experiences. By cosplaying conspiracy theorists, they person recovered assemblage and kinship, Mr. McIndoe said.

“Birds Aren’t Real is not a shallow satire of conspiracies from the outside. It is from the heavy inside,” helium said. “A batch of radical successful our procreation consciousness the lunacy successful each this, and Birds Aren’t Real has been a mode for radical to process that.”

Cameron Kasky, 21, an activistic from Parkland, Fla., who helped signifier the March for Our Lives pupil protestation against weapon unit successful 2018 and is progressive successful Birds Aren’t Real, said the parody “makes you halt for a 2nd and laugh. In a uniquely bleak clip to travel of age, it doesn’t wounded to person thing to laughter astir together.”

Mr. McIndoe, too, marinated successful conspiracies. For his archetypal 18 years, helium grew up successful a profoundly blimpish and spiritual assemblage with 7 siblings extracurricular Cincinnati, past successful agrarian Arkansas. He was home-schooled, taught that “evolution was a monolithic brainwashing program by the Democrats and Obama was the Antichrist,” helium said.

He work books similar “Remote Control,” astir what it said were hidden anti-Christianity messages from Hollywood. In precocious school, societal media offered a gateway to mainstream culture. Mr. McIndoe began watching Philip DeFranco and different fashionable YouTubers who talked astir existent events and popular culture, and went connected Reddit to find caller viewpoints.

“I was raised by the internet, due to the fact that that’s wherever I ended up uncovering a batch of my existent real-world education, done documentaries and YouTube,” Mr. McIndoe said. “My full knowing of the satellite was formed by the internet.”

By the clip Mr. McIndoe near location for the University of Arkansas successful 2016, helium said, helium realized helium wasn’t the lone young idiosyncratic forced to straddle aggregate realities.

Then successful January 2017, Mr. McIndoe traveled to Memphis to sojourn friends. Donald J. Trump had conscionable been sworn successful arsenic president, and determination was a women’s march downtown. Pro-Trump counterprotesters were besides there. When Mr. McIndoe saw them, helium said, helium ripped a poster disconnected a wall, flipped it implicit and wrote 3 random words: “Birds Aren’t Real.”

“It was a spontaneous joke, but it was a reflection of the absurdity everyone was feeling,” helium said.


Credit...Peter McIndoe

Mr. McIndoe past walked astir and improvised the Birds Aren’t Real conspiracy lore. He said helium was portion of a greater question that believed that birds had been replaced with surveillance drones and that the screen up began successful the 1970s. Unbeknown to him, helium was filmed and the video posted connected Facebook. It went viral, particularly among teenagers successful the South.

In Memphis, “Birds Aren’t Real” graffiti soon showed up. Photos of the phrase’s being scrawled connected chalkboards and the walls of section precocious schools surfaced. People made “Birds Aren’t Real” stickers.

Mr. McIndoe decided to thin into Birds Aren’t Real. “I started embodying the quality and gathering retired the satellite this quality belonged to,” helium said. He and Connor Gaydos, a friend, wrote a mendacious past of the movement, concocted elaborate theories and produced fake documents and grounds to enactment his chaotic claims.

“It fundamentally became an experimentation successful misinformation,” Mr. McIndoe said. “We were capable to conception an wholly fictional satellite that was reported connected arsenic information by section media and questioned by members of the public.”

Mr. Gaydos added, “If anyone believes birds aren’t real, we’re the past of their concerns, due to the fact that past there’s astir apt nary conspiracy they don’t believe.”


Credit...Madeline Houston

In 2018, Mr. McIndoe dropped retired of assemblage and moved to Memphis. To physique Birds Aren’t Real further, helium created a flyer that changeable to the apical of Reddit. He hired an histrion to represent a erstwhile C.I.A. cause who confessed to moving connected vertebrate drone surveillance; the video has much than 20 cardinal views connected TikTok. He besides hired actors to correspond big vertebrate truthers successful videos that dispersed each implicit Instagram.

That aforesaid year, Mr. McIndoe began selling Birds Aren’t Real merchandise. The money, totaling respective 1000 dollars a month, helps Mr. McIndoe and Mr. Gaydos screen their surviving expenses.

“All the wealth from our merch lineup goes into making definite maine and Connor tin bash this afloat time,” Mr. McIndoe said. “We besides enactment the wealth into the billboards, flying retired members of the Bird Brigade to rallies. None of the proceeds spell to thing harmful.”

To adults with concerns astir Mr. McIndoe’s tactics, researchers said immoderate harms were astir apt minimal.

“You person to measurement the imaginable antagonistic effects with immoderate of this stuff, but successful this lawsuit it is truthful highly small,” said Joshua Citarella, an autarkic researcher who studies net civilization and online radicalization successful youth. “Allowing radical to prosecute successful collaborative satellite gathering is therapeutic due to the fact that it lets them disarm conspiracism and prosecute successful a harmless way.”

Mr. McIndoe said helium kept the concerns apical of mind. “Everything we’ve done with Birds Aren’t Real is made to marque definite it doesn’t extremity into wherever it could person a antagonistic extremity effect connected the world,” helium said. “It’s a harmless abstraction for radical to travel unneurotic and process the conspiracy takeover of America. It’s a mode to laughter astatine the madness alternatively than beryllium flooded by it.”

The effort has been cathartic for young radical including Heitho Shipp, 22, a Pittsburgh resident.

“Most conspiracy theories are fueled by hatred oregon distrust oregon 1 almighty leader, but this is astir uncovering an outlet for our pain,” she said. She added that the question was “more astir media literacy.”

Birds Aren’t Real members person besides go a governmental force. Many often articulation up with counterprotesters and existent conspiracy theorists to de-escalate tensions and delegitimize the radical they are marching alongside with irreverent chants.

In September, soon aft a restrictive caller termination law went into effect successful Texas, Birds Aren’t Real members showed up astatine a protestation held by anti-abortion activists astatine the University of Cincinnati. Supporters of the caller instrumentality “had signs with precise graphic imagery and were precise assertive successful condemning people,” Mr. McIndoe said. “It led to arguments.”

But the Bird Brigade began chanting, “Birds aren’t real.” Their shouts soon overpowered the anti-abortion activists, who left.

Mr. McIndoe present has large plans for 2022. Breaking quality is indispensable to assistance Birds Aren’t Real leap to the adjacent level and forswear existent conspiracy theorists, helium said. He added that helium hoped to collaborate with large contented creators and autarkic media similar Channel 5 News, which is aimed astatine helping radical marque consciousness of America’s existent authorities and the internet.

“I person a batch of excitement for what the aboriginal of this could beryllium arsenic an existent unit for good,” helium said. “Yes, we person been intentionally spreading misinformation for the past 4 years, but it’s with a purpose. It’s astir holding up a reflector to America successful the net age.”

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