Black Pastor Lashes Christian 'Political Whores' For Trump At Southern Baptist Convention

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A Black pastor accused immoderate Baptists of “losing their minds” erstwhile Barack Obama became president, and they were anxious to go “political whores with this full [Donald] Trump stuff.”

The harsh verdict was delivered from the assemblage during past week’s yearly Southern Baptist Convention successful Anaheim, California, by curate Kevin Smith, the erstwhile enforcement manager of the Baptist Convention of Maryland-Delaware.

“I deliberation immoderate Southern Baptists mislaid their minds erstwhile a Black antheral was elected president. Not all, but some,” Smith told the assemblage (see the video beneath astatine 0:33).

“I deliberation immoderate Southern Baptists were unloving to Black radical opening successful 2012 with the sidesplitting of Trayvon Martin,” helium added, referring to the Black teen fatally changeable successful Florida portion walking done a neighborhood.

“I don’t mean hold astir authorities oregon argumentation ... I conscionable mean giving a darn that idiosyncratic other is hurting who is expected to beryllium your member oregon sister successful Christ,” Smith said. “And I deliberation immoderate Southern Baptists conscionable bent implicit and became governmental whores with this full Trump stuff.”

There was reportedly nary contiguous “rebuke” from the crowd, though Smith was opening to cod immoderate praise connected Twitter.

BREAKING: Minister Kevin Smith slams MAGA pastors arsenic "whores" for Donald Trump and “losing their minds erstwhile a Black antheral was elected president" during his remarks astatine the Southern Baptist Conference — causing galore of them to erupt successful outrage. RT TO THANK HIM FOR CALLING THEM OUT!

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