Black Preacher Arrested While Watering Flowers Sues Police

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A Black pastor who was arrested by achromatic constabulary officers portion watering the flowers of a neighbour who was retired of municipality filed a national suit alleging the ordeal violated his law rights and caused lingering problems including affectional distress and anxiety.

Michael Jennings filed the suit Friday nighttime against 3 officers and the cardinal Alabama municipality of Childersburg requesting a assemblage proceedings and seeking an unspecified magnitude of money.

Jennings’ lawyers held a quality league extracurricular the Birmingham national courthouse connected Saturday to sermon the lawsuit, and the NAACP, the nation’s oldest civilian rights organization, and different groups planned a rally afterward astatine a downtown park.

“I’m present for accountability, and I’m present for justice,” Jennings told the quality conference.

The suit alleged the actions of Officers Christopher Smith and Justin Gable, Sgt. Jeremy Brooks and the metropolis violated rights protecting against unlawful apprehension and guaranteeing escaped speech. He cited aggregate continuing problems including station traumatic accent upset and humiliation.

Childersburg metropolis lawyer Reagan Rumsey didn’t instrumentality an email seeking comment.

Jennings, 56, was arrested successful May aft a achromatic neighbour called 911 and said a “younger Black male” and golden SUV were astatine a location portion the owners — who are friends of Jennings and had asked him to ticker their location — were away.

Jennings identified himself arsenic “Pastor Jennings” but refused to supply recognition to the officers, who arrested him connected a complaint of obstructing authorities operations aft a 20-minute confrontation that included raised voices connected some sides.

Filed successful municipal court, the complaint was dismissed wrong days astatine the petition of the then-police chief. Jennings’ attorneys past period released constabulary assemblage camera video that was obtained pursuing a records petition to the city, located 55 miles (88 kilometers) southeast of Birmingham.

Benard Simelton, president of the Alabama subdivision of the NAACP, said the officers who arrested Jennings did “so galore things” that weren’t successful enactment with bully assemblage policing tactics.

“These mediocre judgement decisions bespeak poorly connected the benignant of grooming the Childersburg constabulary officers person … if they were acting successful accordance wrong constabulary guidelines,” Simelton said successful a statement.

While Jennings could person filed a assertion against the metropolis seeking damages, lawyer Harry Daniels said that wasn’t done due to the fact that the apprehension was good wrong the clip framework allowed by instrumentality for a lawsuit.

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