Blind musician wows crowd on boardwalk

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OCEAN CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- If you've spent immoderate clip connected the Ocean City Boardwalk this summertime you astir apt heard the inspirational stone and rotation euphony of Bryan Woolbert connected the keyboard.

The pianist, producer, songwriter and Rowan University grad is legally unsighted from birth. The 23-year-old was calved without imaginativeness owed to a uncommon familial condition. He says helium relies connected transportation and chromesthesia -- the quality to spot colour successful euphony -- to cleanable his craft.

"Seeing colors successful music. You're not really seeing the colors retired successful beforehand of you, but you're perceiving them successful the backmost of your head," explains Bryan.

"Whenever a frequency, a philharmonic transportation sounds, there's a corresponding color. There are 12 pitches successful Western music, and successful my mind, there's a colour associated with each of those 12 pitches," helium says. "And my caput benignant of automatically developed them astatine a precise young age, 6 oregon 7 years old. It was precise earthy and involuntary. It's truly cool."

In summation to his outdoor performances connected the Ocean City Boardwalk, helium besides performs each implicit the authorities --rocking retired to his influences Billy Joel, Elton John, Ray Charles and much including jazz and country. He's adjacent composed astir 50 archetypal pieces.

"I learned by ear. I learned by memory. You look astatine Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles. It's similar patterns," Wooldbert says. "Music is astir similar a language. It is simply a connection really. I memorize patterns for each song."

His imagination 1 time is to person his ain performance astatine Ocean City's renowned Music Pier.

"Years agone I attended a planetary enactment conference. Someone said, 'If your imagination doesn't scare you, it's not large enough.' Dream big. Don't beryllium afraid. Use that passionateness wrong of you."

To larn much astir Bryan's euphony and to articulation his instrumentality nine you tin visit:

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