Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister have 'direct and honest exchange' on Taiwan

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New York (CNN)US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi "had a nonstop and honorable speech connected matters related to Taiwan" Friday, a US elder medication authoritative said.

The 2 diplomats met for astir 90 minutes successful New York, and their speech chiefly focused connected Taiwan, the authoritative said.

The gathering was held amid a play of heightened tensions betwixt Washington and Beijing and capped a engaged week of diplomacy for Blinken astatine the UN General Assembly, wherever helium met with a bid of chap diplomats from astir the satellite and delivered remarks rebuking Russia's warfare successful Ukraine astatine a UN Security Council gathering Thursday. It besides came arsenic Blinken grieves an immense idiosyncratic nonaccomplishment -- his father, Donald Blinken, died Thursday evening.

    According to the official, the gathering with Wang was "extremely candid, direct, constructive and successful depth," and Blinken stressed "the request to support unfastened lines of connection truthful that we tin responsibly negociate the US-China relationship, particularly during times of tension."

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      "Clearly, the differences betwixt the United States and China are real, but we admit the request to negociate responsibly those differences and the contention betwixt us," they said.

      Officials person described managing the narration betwixt the US and China arsenic 1 of the astir important challenges facing the US. Relations betwixt the 2 nations were made adjacent much rocky pursuing US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's sojourn to Taiwan successful August, aft which Beijing accrued its provocations toward the island.

      In a code astatine the Asia Society Thursday, Wang warned that "as things stand, the Taiwan question is increasing into the biggest hazard successful China-US relations."

        "Should it beryllium mishandled, it is astir apt to devastate our bilateral ties," helium said.

        US President Joe Biden, successful a "60 Minutes" interrogation that aired Sunday, was asked if US forces would support Taiwan.

        "Yes, if successful information determination was an unprecedented attack," helium replied. US officials person said their argumentation toward the land has not changed, and according to the elder medication official, Blinken successful his gathering Friday made this "crystal clear."

        He "stressed the value of maintaining bid and stableness crossed the Taiwan Strait," the authoritative said.

        Blinken "also reiterated our beardown condemnation of Russia's unprovoked warfare against Ukraine, and helium highlighted the implications if China were to supply worldly enactment to Russia's penetration oregon prosecute successful wholesale sanctions evasion," they said.

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        In caller weeks President Vladimir Putin described China's President Xi Jinping -- a cardinal state to him -- arsenic having questions and concerns astir the Ukraine situation. But the officials gave nary denotation that the gathering near Blinken with immoderate anticipation that China plans to instrumentality actions to reason Russia's penetration of Ukraine.

        "I deliberation the Chinese position, for amended oregon for worse, is beauteous wide and accordant and we person seen that done nationalist comments," the authoritative said.

        US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said past Friday she believes the narration betwixt Moscow and Beijing is 1 "of convenience, not needfully 1 of spot oregon 1 that volition harvester their efforts connected each things."

        "This is not a full-flown matrimony successful each ways, shapes and form, but they are surely going to enactment together, but they volition besides enactment for vantage with each other," Sherman said successful a speech with Washington Post Live.

        "It was rather absorbing that President Putin made a remark that helium knew that Xi Jinping had concerns astir what helium was doing successful Ukraine," she said. "Very absorbing for Putin to accidental that."

          Sherman said she is "sure that Xi Jinping is looking for vantage portion Russia is continuing its unprovoked, premeditated and horrifying penetration of Ukraine, a sovereign country."

          "Xi Jinping has perpetually talked astir sovereignty and territorial integrity truthful this doesn't quadrate with the principles helium wants for his ain views, whether it's astir Hong Kong oregon Tibet oregon Taiwan," she said.

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