Blue Jays Fan's Act Of Kindness Toward Young Yankees Fan Will Melt Your Heart

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The Blue Jays whitethorn person mislaid to the New York Yankees connected Tuesday, but a Toronto instrumentality won the time connected societal media with a elemental enactment of kindness.

Check it retired successful the video below.

The infinitesimal came successful the sixth inning, erstwhile Yankees slugger Aaron Judge tied the crippled astatine 1 with a 427-foot homer to the 2nd platform successful near field. A Blue Jays fans caught the ball, but alternatively of tossing it backmost onto the tract oregon keeping it for himself, the instrumentality handed it to a adjacent kid who was wearing a Yankees headdress and a Judge T-shirt.

As the footage shows, the kid was profoundly appreciative:

“That’s what’s peculiar astir this game,” Judge said afterward erstwhile told astir the moment, according to Yahoo Sports Canada. “It doesn’t substance what jersey you wear, everybody appreciates this crippled and that’s beauteous cool.”

The Yankees yet won, 9-1, the team’s 11th consecutive victory.

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