Bob Odenkirk Trains 'Multiple Times A Week,' Wants To Make Jackie Chan-Style Action Movies

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Breaking Bad” fans were bittersweet to spot the prequel bid “Better Call Saul” travel to an extremity past month. But portion Bob Odenkirk whitethorn person said goodbye to the quality of Saul Goodman, helium mightiness soon beryllium saying hullo to a caller vocation arsenic an enactment prima — and is already preparing for it.

Odenkirk told an assemblage Thursday astatine the 2022 Venice Film Festival that helium “wants to bash much action,” according to Deadline. He surely dipped his toes successful those waters with 2021′s “Nobody,” a thriller by manager Ilya Naishuller that turned Odenkirk into a hitman.

“I was precise amazed by Nobody,” the histrion reportedly told the audience. “I had initiated that task due to the fact that I had a feeling that the quality I was processing successful Better Call Saul was the benignant of quality you spot successful an enactment film. He has earnest desires and helium was consenting to sacrifice himself.”

Naishuller antecedently told IndieWire that Odenkirk spent 2 years grooming for his relation successful “Nobody,” which allowed the manager to sprout enactment sequences successful agelong takes without cutting — oregon the request for a stuntman. Naishuller told the outlet that it was “a wonderful, fantastic spot to beryllium astatine for a director.”

“I inactive bid aggregate times a week and if I get my mode you’re going to spot maine doing much action. I recovered the enactment sequences a large woody of amusive and adjacent to doing sketch comedy,” Deadline quoted Odenkirk arsenic saying. “I emotion the aboriginal Jackie Chan films which had humour successful them. I’d similar to get that successful in future.”

While the death-defying stunt enactment and master-class choreography of the Hong Kong prima mightiness beryllium retired of reach, Odenkirk told The New York Times Magazine successful February that much action-packed movies are apt connected the mode — and that “Nobody” was inspired by 2 real-life break-ins.

“My anticipation is we get to bash a trilogy, and helium ends up with nothing,” Odenkirk told the outlet of his quality successful the film. “He destroys everything helium loves.”

Odenkirk’s wishes whitethorn beryllium fulfilled, arsenic “Nobody” shaper David Leitch told Collider past month that a publication for a sequel is already successful the works.

“Everyone’s truly excited astir it,” said Leitch, who besides directed the 2022 enactment movie “Bullet Train.”

“It’s astir similar radical similar to spot older radical suffer their shit,” Odenkirk said Thursday. “Why does that look to marque consciousness to everyone? It’s funny.”

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