Bob Woodward: 20% Of Republicans Would Now Like To 'Push Trump Off The Cliff'

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Washington Post Watergate writer Bob Woodward said Thursday connected CNN that “dramatic” hearings by the House prime committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection are having specified a important interaction that “at slightest 20% of Republicans” would present similar to figuratively “push” Donald Trump “off the cliff.”

Whether Republicans are watching the hearings “or not, a batch of them cognize that the world is shaking,” Woodward’s Watergate spouse Carl Bernstein added successful a sheet interrogation with Anderson Cooper.

“Why is the world shaking? Because “both the committee and the Justice Department” cognize that “before, during and aft Jan. 6,” determination was a “massive obstruction and conspiracy from the president down ... to not let the modulation of power,” Bernstein said. “What we bash know, factually, is the Justice Department has the grounds of this monolithic conspiracy and cover-up,” helium added

John Dean, a Richard Nixon White House counsel who flipped connected him, said the insurrection proceedings are “working overmuch amended than the Watergate hearings,” with “very effectual ... presentations.” They’re “probably getting to Trump due to the fact that they are truthful effective. He appreciates bully media.”

“We hide however protracted the Watergate hearings were,” Dean noted. “They were 7 months. I didn’t attest for a fewer hours; I testified for 5 days, 8 hours a day. They were grinding.

Woodward agreed that the House prime committee’s hearings are “very dramatic.”

“I deliberation if you tin measurement back, what’s going connected present close present successful the Republican Party ... 50% astir of the Republicans would locomotion disconnected the cliff for Donald Trump,” said Woodward. “Now I deliberation astatine slightest 20% privation to propulsion him disconnected the cliff.”

And 30% are fixated connected simply winning, Woodward noted.

“If there’s 1 acquisition from penning 3 books astir Trump, spending hours interviewing him, determination is the lexicon: Win. You person to win. And they privation to win,” helium added.

Voters “can marque the calculation: Is this a winning manus with Donald Trump oregon not? And it’s eroding. Whether significant, we volition see.”

The hearings are uncovering “meaty, dramatic” information, Woodward said.

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